Emzyme Lab Only

  1. What are most enzymes made up of?
  2. pH is a measure of what?
    H⁺ in solution
  3. How does salt affect an enzyme?
    Like pH there is an optimal salt level
  4. The enzyme catecholase catalyzes a reaction where ___, the substrate becomes ___ (product).
    • Catechol
    • Benzoquinone
  5. What does benzoquinone look like?
    Reddish-brown product
  6. What instrument can we use to measure how much color change happens during a reaction?
  7. How does a Spectronic 20 measure catecholase activity?
    By measuring color change in reaction mixtures
  8. How does Spectronic 20 measure color changes?
    By shining light thru reactants in a test tube & measuring mat of light that penetrates thru the tube
  9. What is transmission on the spectrophotometer?
    How much light penetrates the tube
  10. What is absorption when speaking of the spectrophotometer?
    How much light is being absorbed by the sample
  11. WHat is the relationship between product formation & absorbance?
    As absorbance ↑ so does product formed
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