Music 345 Midterm 2

  1. Heterophony
    texture groups
  2. Hocket
    Interlocking parts played by more than one instument creating a unified melodic idea.  
  3. Microtone
    notes with intervals less than a half step, western music
  4. vocable
    syllables that do not have referntial meaning
  5. strophic form
    musical form in which mousic continuously repeats while the text changes.
  6. verse/chorus form
    musical form in which strophic verses are sung in alternation with a single, repeating chorus. Tend to preform individual songs. 
  7. binary form
    two parts
  8. call and response form
    song from liturgy
  9. timeline
    reference patter
  10. ostinato
    a part that repeats teh same rhythm or melodic element
  11. Marranzanu
    mouth harp
  12. tarantism
    • bitten by a poisonous spider, incsects, scorpions, or snakes. Cure is
    • singing and dancing. Symptoms of bite victims include weakness, depression,
    • malaise, light-headedness, or “a certain aloofness from any social activity,
    • often  perceived as light madness 
  13. tarantella
    is a vigorous dance used to cure tarntism
  14. tarantato/tarantata 
    male of gemale sipder bite sufferer
  15. Sampogna a paru
    bag pipe
  16. tamburelli
    tambourine with jungles attached. 
  17. Pizzica
    contemporary tarantella music, sometimes traditional, sometimes combined with popular music, refers to bite of spider.
  18. cabildo 
    lodge type fraternal order mutual aid society. helped preserve aftrican tradions organized under sponsorship under catholic saint.
  19. cabildo de nacion
    afro cuban cabildo 
  20. santeria 
    a contemporary Cuban religion based upon traditional West African beliefs, primarily those of the Yoruba people. the belief in ache, the life force of energy thatanimates the universe.Also believes in destiny.  Offers sacrifices ebo.  pragmatic
  21. lucumi
    afro cuban language. language of santeria
  22. oricha
    deified spiritual being.  True foci of the religion. Handles the day to day workings such as health happiness, relationships, and finance.  West African origin
  23. chango
    king of the  pre-Yoruba, oricha of thunder, male virility, lightening, and fire, is one of the most powerful and masculine of all New World oricha.
  24. akpon
    leader of musical ensemble judged by relgious knowledge
  25. chekere
    the ensemble  consisting of 3 hollowed gourds with a beaded  net. The ensemble and the instrument being played.
  26. bata
    double headed drums
  27. conga
    cuban carnival rhythm and dance
  28. comparas
    cuban carnival procession group
  29. carnival
    Christian season between Christmas and Lent
  30. Dia de los Reyes
    day of the kings, significant since it featured a kind of Africa, thus providing a place for Africans in Christian history.
  31. Bombo
    a pair of two small membranophones joined together and struck with fingertips.
  32. Tres
    a guitar type instrumnet featuring three double-strings
  33. marimbulal
    large box-like Cuban verson of the mbira. Metal strips that are plucked.
  34. bombo
    two small mebranophones joined together and struck with fingertips
  35. tumbadora /conga drum
    so called “conga drum”; are played with bare hands and perform a number of hierarchically organized parts.
  36. corneta china
    literally chinese cornet a shawm called suona in China
  37. son
    roots of salsa music; Buena Vista Social Club album: 1997 son revival
  38. bongo
    two small mebranophones joined together and struck with fingertips
  39. montuno
    a section featuring call and response chorus (with improved calls) syncopated rhythm, harmonic vamps, and interlay between soloist and chorus. 
  40. sonero
    lead singer
  41. inspiracion
    rhymes, in this case inserting the names of the musicians into the scene described in the song. 
  42. Quechuna, Aymara
    indigenous languages in andean region
  43. Indigenismo
    early 20th century artistic and literary movement that celebrated Andean identity as expressed by urban intellectuals (often romanticized)
  44. Messtizo
    music which fuses the indigenous with Europeann in a whole nost of ways
  45. El Cóndor Pasa
    most famous "andean" composition
  46. Los Jairas 
    Bolivian ensemble that popularized the combination of many Andean music traditions (quena, siku, charango) into a single hybrid ensemble; also used guitar.
  47. Yaraví
    slow romantic ballad of pre-contact origins
  48. Huayno
    dance/music genre of pre contact orgins
  49. Fuga
    escape ending section of huayno, sometimes faster tempo
  50. Siku/zamponas
  51. siku
    Aymara term for panpipe ensemble
  52. charango
    small guitar-like chordophone
  53. danza de las tijeras
    scissors dance. . Dancer preform while clicking together losose scissor blades. Preformed with harp and violin. Display of physical and spiritual power
  54. Nueva Cancion
    New Song” fold song style. Evolved into political song especially in Chile. Associated with social justice popular among educated youth, workers, and poor
  55. Violeta Parra
    folksong style; folklore work a precursor
  56. victor jara
    written nueva cancion
  57. inti-illimani
    performed nueva cancion
  58. quilapayun
    popular Andean-style Nueva Cancion
  59. los desaparecidos 
    people were arrested and then nothing were found. 
  60. cueca
    national dance of Chile
  61. cueca sola
    “sola cueca,” dance created for political protest
  62. Celts/celtic
    the gaels/gaelic culture 
  63. session
    informal, w/o repertoir, neither concert nor backgroud music, not amplified, reel, heterophony
  64. Craic
    term for news, gossip, enjoyable conversation, happend in breaks of session 
  65. reel
    dance tune, 2 fiddle, 1 flute
  66. Jig
    tripple-meter dance tunes
  67. celili
    informal gathering for music performance w/o repertoir
  68. celili band
    large Irish music ensemble formed to play in parish sponsored dance (more players for larger/louder venue)
  69. dance hall act
    1935 driven by priest, danned house and crossroads dances, only dances in paraish halls
  70. harp
    great significance, kings employed hereditary bards who accompanied themselves on harp, british repress irish culure and harp
  71. Bard
    (poets who composed and recited verses celebrating chieftains and heroes genealogies, legends, laws) who usually accompanied themselves on a harp. 
  72. turlough carolan
    last of the great bards; became blind as an adult; Harp a profession of some blind; Traveled entire Ireland
  73. Planxty 
    tune composed for a patron; Harp recording composed by Carolan :” Planxty Johnson”
  74. uilleann pipes 
    Irish Union bagpipes, elbow-pumped
  75. concettina
    small aerophone related to the accordion hexagon shape…think piratesaccordion
  76. tin whistle/ pennywhistle
  77. bodhrán
    frame drum struck w/a wooden stick and / or fingers
  78. sean nós 
    • old style” solo dance with virtuosic percussive footwork similar to step dancing.  
    • arms move freely
    • no costume
  79. Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin 
    artist/ reseracher Preforms Creggan Graveyard
  80. aisling
    vision poem often spoke of meeting magical beings, such as fairies. 
  81. sean nós 
    an old traditional form of Irish singing. Always performed solo and unaccompanied
  82. step dance
    virtuosic individual dance with emphasis on percussive footwork; classic style danced with motionless upper body
  83. set dance
    group social dance in square formation; brought to Ireland in 19th century; made Irish by music and choreography.
  84. Nuala Kennedy 
    Nuala Kennedy grew up in Dundalk, Ireland where she was a member of the ceilidh band Ceoltoiri Oga Oghrialla. In 1995 she moved to Scotland and she now lives near Kincraig in the Highlands. She is best known for her work with trio Fine Friday, with whom she has toured extensively and recorded two critically acclaimed CDs, “Gone Dancing” (2002) and “Mowing the Machair” (2004)
  85. Lúnasa 
    provides an example of modern rendit on of traditional reels.  Modern band
  86. Session medley
    AABB – ornaments -reel-heterophonic
  87. Garrett Barry Jig
    uilleann pipes - AABB-texture changes with done on second time
  88. Modern Medley of reels
    reel - AABB - lunasa-bowed acoustic bass and guitar-second tune played by fiddle flute and uilleann pipes only
  89. Uirchill A'Chregain
    sean-nos - aisling or vision poem- monophonic
  90. Medley of Carnival Congas
    Havana style conga- comparsa group-trumpet lead- bombo
  91. El Cuarto de Tula
    call and response - son- improvising-laud-monotuna-sonero-bongo-clave timeline-maracas
  92. Santigo congo
    chinese cornet corneta china- comparas-congo drum-tumbaddoras
  93. Santaria bata Chonago
    call and response- bata drum- iya-akpon
  94. Yaravi on Charango 
    romantic ballad-Charango-whoever has seen the volcano –high pitch
  95. Machulas K’antu 
    – sizki – aymara- wankara
  96. Nueva cancion 
    victor jara-ini-illmani-about president Salvador Allende who was killed after a coup
  97. Andes-Yarvi + huayno 
    mestizo- combines two song forms the yaravi and huayno-kill bill
  98. Taranza
    used to cure spider bites-tamburelli – zampongna a paru(bag pipe)
  99.  La suferage
    - about god taking from his pocket –mouth harp marranzanu
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