Spanish Gender Definitions A.txt

  1. el cometa
    the comet
  2. la cometa
    the kite
  3. el corte
    the cut
  4. la corte
    the court
  5. el capital
    the capital money
  6. la capital
    the capital city
  7. el cura
    the priest
  8. la cura
    the cure
  9. el editorial
    the editorial
  10. la editorial
    the publishing house
  11. el frente
    the front (military, weather)
  12. la frente
    military weather
  13. el guIa
    the guide
  14. la guIa
    the telephone guide or female guide
  15. el maNana
  16. la maNana
    the morning
  17. el orden
    the order (sequence)
  18. la orden
    the order,command
  19. el papa
    the pope
  20. la papa
    the potato
  21. el pendiente
    the earing
  22. la pendiente
    the slope
  23. el policIa
    the policeman
  24. la policIa
    the police force
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Spanish Gender Definitions A.txt
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