Social Studies

  1. What is a conductor in the underground railroad?
    a conductor is a person who helps leads slaves to freedom
  2. who is fredrick douglas?
    fredrick douglas escaped slavery and wrote the north star
  3. who is harriet tubman?
    she was a slave who escaped to the north and returned to the south 19 times to help 300 families to freedom
  4. this person spoke out againist slavery by publishing an abolitionist newspaper, the liberator
    William lloyd Garrison
  5. the people belonging to the American Anti-slavery Society
    Wanted immediate emancipation and equality for African Americans
  6. this group was among the first to challenge slavery due to religious beliefs
  7. These people were known to hide and feed fugitives as they traveled north
    station masters
  8. An abolitionist newspaper was called the north star was written by who?
    Frederick Douglas
  9. once a fugitive slave escaped from the slave to north were they ruled free by the U.S.?
    No, canada was officialy free
  10. Who was able to read and write and had outstanding public speaking skills?
    Fredirick Douglas
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