Odyssey vocab list

  1. formidable
    arousing fear
  2. indifferent
    without interest
  3. muster
    to gather up
  4. victuals
    food supplies
  5. ponderous
    of great weight and awkward
  6. bile
    • ill temper
    • greenish yellow bitter tasting fluid (liver, digestion)
  7. lugger
    a small ship lug rigged on two or three masts
  8. guile
    insidious cunnin in attaining a goal
  9. appalled
    dismayed, overcome with fear
  10. civility
    courtesy, politemess
  11. plumb
    measure (depth of body of water; install and connect water and drainage pipes (in a room)
  12. titanic
    of exceptional size
  13. profusion
    an abundance or large quantity of something
  14. breach
    an act of breaking or failing to observe the law
  15. brace
    a device that clamps things tightly together or gives support
  16. hale
    strong and healthy
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Odyssey vocab list
Odyssey vocab list