Civics chapter 8 test

  1. a court's authority to hear and decide cases

  2. only federal courts my hear and devide such cases
    executive jurisdiction
  3. what state and federal share juridiction
    concurrent jurisdiction
  4. The supreme court is made of __ associate justices led by a chief justice
  5. 1st African American justice
    Thurgood Marshall
  6. 1st female justice
    Sandra Day O'Connor
  7. John Marshall served __ years as chief justice
  8. John Marshall oversaw more than ____ devisions, proved once and for all that the constitution has the "supreme law of the land"
  9. the power to say whether any federal, state , or local law or gov action goes against constitution can nullify law
    Judicial review
  10. The court will accept __ of 9 justices agree to do so
  11. calendar
  12. overturned Plessy VS Ferguson which said African Americans could be provided "separate but equal" public favilities, began school integration
    Brown VS Board of Education
  13. Held that a state law that discriminated against women was unconstutional
    Reed VS Reed
  14. legalized a woman's right to an abortion under certain circumstances
    Roe VS Wade
  15. Ruled that Florida recount of presidental votes violated 14 admendmant
    Bush VS Gore
  16. declared that a person accused of a major crime had the right to legal counsel during a trial
    Gideon VS Wanwright
  17. Ruled that at the time of arrest suspects cannot be questioned until informed of their rights
    Miranda VS Arizona
  18. Each year the court gets more than ____ applicants
    only selects ___
    • 7,000
    • 200
  19. Supreme courts steps in devision making
    • written arguement
    • oral argument
  20. a written document that explains one sides position on the case
  21. The guiding principle for all judges
    stare decisis
  22. established federal district courts and circuit court of appeals
    Judiciary act of 1789
  23. Latin term that means "let the decision stand"
    stare decisis
  24. the authority to hear casses for the 1st time
    original jurisdiction
  25. gives guidance to other judges by offering a model upon which to base their own decisions on similar cases
  26. court order requiring someone to appear to court
    • subpoena
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