1. What does "Tang" refer to ?
    T'ang Dynasty
  2. What does "Soo" refer to?
    Hand but implies fist / punch / strike or defense
  3. What does "Do" refer to?
    Way of life
  4. What is the EXACT origin of Tang Soo Do?
  5. What is the guessed origins of Tang Soo Do
    All parts of the globe
  6. How old is Tang Soo Do?
    2000 years old
  7. Kugoryo was founded in
    37 BC in norther Korea
  8. The Silla Dynasty was founded in?
    57 BC in the southeast Peninsula
  9. Paekche was founded in?
    18 BC
  10. What kingdom was best known for the development of martial arts?
    Silla Dynasty
  11. Silla united the three dynasties in?
    668 AD
  12. Most Korean martial artists trace their spiritual and technical heritage to what group?
    Hwa Rang Dan
  13. The Hwa Rang Dan were instrumental in forming Tang Soo Do in what time span?
    668 AD to 935 AD
  14. Our five codes came from?
    Won Kwan (monk dude)
  15. The Silla Dynasty was over thrown by when and Whom?
    Wang Kun in 918 AD
  16. After Wang Kun took over Silla what dynasty followed?
    Yi Dynasty in 1392 AD
  17. Durin Yi Dynasty in 1392 days what was Tang Soo Do knowns as?
    Kwon Bob, Tae Kyun, Soo Bahk, and Tang Soo
  18. The first martial arts book was called what and was created when?
    Mooyae Dobo Tongji in 1790 AD
  19. What is the formal name of Tang Soo Do?
    Soo Bahk Ki
  20. During World II 1909 to 1945 Tang Soo Do was ?
  21. What is the distant cousin of Tang Soo Do because it embodies sport vs defense?
    Tae Kwon Do
  22. After the martial arts ban was lifted in WWII man schools were created what were these schools called?
  23. Who started the Korean Soo Bahk Do Association?
    Master Kwang Kee
  24. Master Shin first came to the US in what year?
  25. When Master Shin first arrived in the US he represented what organization?
    Korean Soo Bahk Do Association
  26. Master Shin started the Tang Soo Do Federation in what place in the US?
    Burlington, New Jersey
  27. The first meeting for the World Tang Soo Do Association was held where and when?
    Philadelphia in 1982
  28. Master Shin was recognized as Grandmaster when?
    November 13th and 14 1982 in Philly
  29. When was Master Shin born?
  30. When did Master Shin start learning Martial Arts?
    At the age of 12
  31. What was the name of the monk who inspired Master Shin when he was a kid?
    Unknown (trick question yo!)
  32. Master Shin later joined what gym?
    Seoul Moo Duk Kwan Central Gym
  33. Master Shin's instructor when he was a young adult was?
    Master Hwang Kee
  34. Master Shin was recruited in the Air Force in what year?
  35. Master Shin received a Master's Degree in what science at what college?
    Korea University / Political Science
  36. What magazine honored Master Shin as a "20th Century Warrior"
    Black Belt Magazine
  37. The World Tang Soo Do Association Had How Many Member Countries
  38. What year was Master Shin declared "Grandmaster"
    November 13, 1982
  39. Master Shin is responsible for training over how many black belts
    over 15,000
  40. Master Shins favorite pastime is?
    Teaching children
  41. Master shins says that you can test your performance as an instructor by looking at the performance of your?
    Young students
  42. Who wrote the 5 codes of Tang Soo Do?
    Won Kwang
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