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  1. Three categories of hearing loss
    • Conductive hearing loss
    • Sensory hearing loss
    • neural hearing loss
  2. Conductive hearing loss
    due to blockage from waxy build-up, tumor, or pus in auditory canal from bacterial infection
  3. Sensory hearing loss
    due to compromised or lost inner ear elements
  4. neural hearing loss
    due to damage to the auditory (vestibulocochlear) nerver (cranial nerve VII)
  5. External Otitis
    • Swimmers ear
    • Cause - bacerial or fungus infection
    • Symptoms - pain, pruritis, fever, temporary hearing loss
    • Treatment - antibacterial or antifungal medications
  6. Otitis media
    • Middle ear infection
    • Cause - bacterial infection
    • Symptoms - earache, pus in ear cannale
    • Treatment - analgesics for pain, decongestants for swelling, ear tubes to relieve pressure and improve draginage
  7. Mastoiditis
    • Complications of Middle ear infection
    • bacerial invasion and infection of the mastoid bone causing its honeycomb like structure to deeriorate
    • risks of brain infection or abcess due to relativity thin membrance between sinuses and brain vault
  8. Psybycusis - age related hearing loss - idopathic(familial influences)
    • Neural Hearling loss
    • Damage to VII cranial nerve (vestibuocochlear) and loss may be permanent - trauma, high fever, toxins
  9. Deafness
    • Genetic component
    • inner ear disorder
  10. Meniere's disease
    • chracterized by intermittent hearing loss; tinnitus, vertigo or dizzines
    • Causes - idopathic, trauma, tumor, autoimmune diseases
    • Treatment - diuretics and restricted salt intake- vertigo
    • glucocorticosteriods - inflamation
  11. Tinnitus
    • Defined as ringing or buzzing or roaring sounds
    • idopathic
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