Baptist Deacon Study Guide

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  1. What is a Baptist Church?
    It is a congregation of baptized believers, associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the gospel, observing the Ordinances of Christ, governed by His laws, and exercising the gifts, rights, and privileges invested in them by His Word.
  2. How Many Articles of Faith are there?
    There are eighteen (18) Articles of Faith.
  3. What are each of the names of the Articles of Faith?
    1.The Scriptures

    2.The True God

    3.The Fall of Man

    4.God’s Purpose of Grace

    5.The way of Salvation

    6.The way of Regeneration

    7.The way of Repentance

    8.The way of Faith

    9.The way of Justification

    10.The way of Adoption

    11.The way of Sanctification

    12.The Perseverance of Saints

    13.The Law and the Gospel

    14.The Gospel Church

    15.Christian Baptism

    16.The Lords Supper

    17.The Christian Sabbath

    • 18.The Civil Government
  4. How many Ordinances are there in a Baptist Church?
    There are two ordinances:

    • 1. Baptism
    • 2. The Lord's Supper
  5. How many tables are there in a Baptist Church?
    There are three tables:

    • 1. The Lord's Supper Table
    • 2. The Poor Saint's Table
    • 3. The Pastor's Table
  6. How many ways are there into the Baptist Church?
    There are four ways into a Baptist Church:  (BLCR)

    • 1. By Baptism
    • 2. By Letter
    • 3. By Christian Experience of Grace
    • 4. By Restoration
  7. How many ways are there by which a member's membership may be dissolved in a Baptist Church?
    There are three ways a membership may be dissolved in a Baptist Church: (LED)

    • 1. By Letter
    • 2. By Exclusion
    • 3. By Death
  8. How many Bible Offices are there in the Church?
    By Scripture there are two offices in the Church:

    • 1. The Pastor
    • 2. The Deacons
  9. What are the other offices in the Church?
    They are assistants to the Pastor and Church; they are non-scriptural offices:

    • 1. The Church Clerk
    • 2. The Treasurer
    • 3. The Secretary
  10. Why are Trustees elected?
    State laws relating to Religious Corporations require that there be a specific body which holds legal title to the Church's property and responsible for its financial affairs.
  11. What is Baptist Policy?
    The policy of a Baptist Church is the stated rules and regulations that govern the action of the people as found in the New Testament

    • and explained in:
    • Hiscox's Guide For Baptists and Huntley'sManuel For Every Baptist
  12. How Many books are there in the Bible?
    There are sixty-six (66) books in the Bible.
  13. How many books are in the Old Testament?
    There are thirty-nine (39).
  14. How many books are in the New Testament?
    There are twenty-seven (27).
  15. What is meant by "New Testament"
    A New Testament Church means divine organization among men, that was instituted for the purpose by Christ who still retains Headship and Kingship.
  16. What is Christian Worship?
    Adoration and praise offered to God.
  17. What is Christian Worship for?
    It is to exalt and magnify God, to whom all honor and glory are due.
  18. Who is God?
    God the Supreme Being of the whole universe:

    • 1. He is Omnipotent - All Powerful
    • 2. He is Omniscient - All Knowing
    • 3. He is Omnipresent - Everywhere
  19. Who is Jesus Christ?
    He is the second person of the Trinity and is manifested in the flesh as God's only Begotten Son.
  20. What are the works of Christ? 
    • A. He is the Redeemer
    • B. He is the Mediator
    • C. He is the Revelator
  21. Who is the Holy Spirit?
    The Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost, as He is sometimes called, is the third person of the Trinity and is manifested as the Comforter.
  22. What are the works of the Holy Spirit?
    • A. Sanctifier
    • B. Comforter
    • C. Teacher
    • D. Regenerator
  23. What is the Trinity?
    • A. God the Father
    • B. God the Son
    • C. God the Holy Spirit
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