Science Test Chap 23

  1. Describe the relation between a star's distance and its parallax?
    • Closer the star the greater the parallax
    • Futher the star the smaller the parallax
  2. Describe a light year
    • Is a distance that light travel a year.
    • 1 light year= 9.5 trillion km
  3. List 3 factors that control the magnitude of a star as seen from Earth
    • Size
    • Temperature
    • Distance
  4. What causes the difference between a star's apparent and absolute magnitude?
    Its distance
  5. What us the difference between appare and absolute and magnitude?
    • Apparent magnitude is the stars brightness when a star is view from Earth.
    • Absolute is the true brightness
  6. What standard distance is used for absolute magnitude?
    32.6 light years
  7. Compare the wavelengths of the "hot" and "cool" stars.
    • Hot=short wavelength
    • Cool=long wavelength
  8. What is the approximate surface temperture of a star with the following color?
    Red:(cool star) Temperture is less than 3,000K

    Yellow:(Sun) Between 5,000-6,000 TempertureK

    Blue:(Hot star) Temperture above 30,000K
  9. List two properties of stars that are used to construct an H-R Diagram.
    Brightness:(absolute magnitude)= Lumniosty

  10. What category of star is the sun?
  11. Where are the main-sequence, red giants, and white dwarfs located on the H-R Diagram?
    Main-Sequenve in Band through center of H-R diagram

    Red Giant in upper right on the H-R diagram

    White dwarf in lower central area on the H-R diagram
  12. Make a generalization relating the mass and luminosity of mani-sequence stars.
    Main sequence star is Average mass and Average Brightness
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