Lesson 7 Quack

  1. austere
    adj. stern in manner, without exess, severly plain, simple
  2. ornate
    adj. ecessively or showily, elaborate
  3. cerebral
    adj. relating to the barin, intellectual in nature
  4. incommodious
    adj. lacking space, uncomfortable
  5. noisome
    adj. offensive, disgusting
  6. cacophony
    n. harsh  discordant sounds, disturbing
  7. veritable
    adj. unquestionable, true
  8. verbatim
    adv. using exactly same words. word for word
  9. concurrent
    adj. at the same time; acting in conjuction
  10. evade
    v. to elude or ovid by cunning. to flee from a pursuer
  11. impede
    v. to obstruct or interfer with. to delay 
  12. askew
    adj. to one side, crocked
  13. queue
    v. or n. to form or wait a line
  14. accolade
    n. award or honor
  15. torrid
    adj. parched by the sun, hot, burning
  16. trepidation
    n.  fear; state of anxiety or fear that makes you tremble
  17. fraught
    adj. filled or laden
  18. wane
    v. to decrease gradually
  19. oust
    v. to eject; to force
  20. temerity
    n. recklessness; wild; crazyness
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