8-2 vocab

  1. esperaba...
    i hoped to...
  2. pensaba...
    i planned to...
  3. Quería pero no pude
    i wanted to but couldnt
  4. tenía que...
    i had to...
  5. accompañar a
    to go with
  6. hacer un mandado
    to run an errand
  7. llevar el carro a la gasolinera
    to take the car to the gas station
  8. llevar el carro al taller
    to take the car to the shop
  9. pasar por el banco
    to go by the bank
  10. pasar por el correo
    to go by the post office
  11. pasar por la famacia
    to go by the pharmacy
  12. poner gasolina al carro
    to put gas in the car
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8-2 vocab
8-2 vocab