Urinary system test

  1. Blood urea nitrogen BUN
    waste producted produced in the _____ and excreted by the _____.
    High values indicate poor ____ function.
    Increased BUN can result from dehydration, _________, high-protein diets, and strenuous exercise.
    Decreased in BUN values can result from liver _____ or damage.
    Decreased in BUN  normally occur in second and ____ trimesters of pregnancy.
    • Liver
    • Kidney
    • Renal
    • Heart failure
    • Disease
    • Third
  2. Creatinine
    Waste product is _____ from______ breakdown.
    High values with BUN may indicate ____ problems
    • Largely
    • Muscle
    • Renal
  3. Urinalysis
    Test are semi quantitative and some variations exist from one ____ to the another on how tests are _____.
    • Sample
    • Scored
  4. Bilirubin
    Normally no ____ or orobilinogen is present in urine.
    These are pigments that are cleared by the _____.
    In _____ or gallbladder disease, bilirubin may appear in urine.
    • Bilirubin
    • Liver
    • Liver
  5. Blood
    Normally no blood in _____.
    Blood can indicate infection, _____, trauma, or ____ from a bladder or kidney tumor.
    Test indicate it is hemolyzed (dissolved blood) or  ________(intact RBC).
    Rarely a muscle injury cause _____ to appear in urine which causes  a _____ result
    • Urine
    • Kidney stones
    • Bleeding
    • Nonhemolyzed
    • False positive
  6. Glucose
    A positive glucose occurs in ______
    Small number of people with normal blood glucose have glucose in their _____.
    Any glucose in urine would raise possibility of ______ or glucose intolerance
    • Diabetes
    • Urine
    • Diabetes
  7. Leukocyte esterase
    Normally negative.
    Leukocytes are WBCs or pus cells.
    Wbc in urine suggest urinary treact ____
  8. Nitrate
    Normally negative.
    Usually indicate _____ tract infection
  9. pH
    Measures ____ acidity
  10. Protein
    Normally no ____ detectable
    Presence of protein indicates kidney damage, _____ in the urine or an infection.
    Cerain diseases require more sensitive test for protein called _____ micro albumin to screen for early damage to kidneys.
  11. Sediment
    Microscope exam of  ____ that is spun in centrifuge.
    Mucous and squamous cells are _____ seen
    • Urine
    • Commonly
  12. Specific gravity SG
    measures how diluted _____ is.
    Water would have SG of 1
    Most urine I'd 1.010 but varies depending on ______levels of patient.
    • Urine
    • Hydration
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