1. The mother of the beautiful daughter has a pain in her jaws.
    ἡ τῆς καλῆς θυγατρός μήτηρ τάς γνάθους αλγεῖ.
  2. I am glad my brothers are happy.
    ἥδομαι επὶ ολβίοις τοῖς αδελφοῖς .
  3. The king marches into the country of the Scythians.
    ὁ βασιλεῦς ελαύνει εις τὴν τῶν σκυθῶν χῶραν.
  4. The army of the Persians marches into the country of the Scythians.
    ἡ τῶν περσῶν στρατιὰ πορεύεται εις τὴν τῶν σκυθῶν χῶραν.
  5. The crocodile moves its upper jaw.
    ὁ κροκόδειλος τὴν άνω γνάθον κινεῖ.
  6. We wonder at the madness of our neighbors.
    τὴν τῶν πλησίον μανίαν θαυμάζομεν
  7. The people there are doing well.
    οἱ εκεῖ εῦ πράττουσι.
  8. The elephant has a strong hide.
    ὁ έλεφος τὴν δορὰν ισχυρὰν έχει.
  9. Let us avoid talking fast.
    φεύγομεν τὸ ταχὺ λαλεῖν.
  10. The citizens prosecute Philip on a charge of murder.
    οἱ πολῖται φίλιππον φόνου διώκουσιν
  11. Sophroniscus was tried for murder.
    σωφρονίσκος φόνου έφευγε
  12. The enemy laid waste the whole country.
    οἱ πολέμιοι έτεμον πᾶσαν τὴν χώραν.
  13. The other party are laying waste the rest of the country.
    οἱ ἕτεροι τέμνουσι τὴν άλλην χώραν.
  14. I will give the whole egg to my brother.
    πᾶν τὸ ωὸν τῷ αδελφῷ δώσω.
  15. I feel pain in every part of my head.
    πᾶσαν τὴν κεφαλὴν αλγῶ.
  16. He thinks the citizens have conferred benefits on him.
    νομίζει τοὺς πολίτας ἑαυτόν εῦ πεποιηκέναι.
  17. Accustom yourself to be contented with your present condition.
    έθιζε σαυτὸν τοῖς παροῦσιν αγαπᾶν.
  18. He accustomed himself to perform these services for the good.
    έθιζεν ἑαυτὸν τοῖς αγαθοῖς ταῦτα ὑπηρετεῖν
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