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  1. pressure reducing valves (PRV) only need to be installed when static line pressure in the water distribution system exceeds
    585 kpa (85 psi)
  2. Standard capacity PRVs are factory preset at..
    344 kpa (50 psi) with adjustable pressure range from 172 kpa (25 psi) to 517 kpa  (75 psi)
  3. rotating disk meters are the most common household water meters. Tehy used for service  pipe...
    2" and less
  4. style "3" meters, which come in sizes from....
    1 1/2 "  to 6"
  5. turbine meters are good for a large flow of water and are frequently seen connected to the service for industrial pumps and equipment. this meter will not accurately register a flow rate below..
    5 GPM
  6. Compund meters are used with a water service larger than..
  7. if a perfect vacuum could be created in a piping system, it would be possible to back siphon to a height of..
    10m (33.9m)
  8. The principal causes of back siphonage are..
    undersized piping 2 water main repair or  break in the city or municipal water supply that is lower than a service point 3) lowered water main pressure due to high water withdrawl rate, such as fire fighting or water main flushing 4) reduced supply pressure on the suction side of a booster pump
  9. the principle causes of back pressure are
    • booster pumps
    • potable water connections to boilers and other pressure systems
    • interconnections with another system which operateds at higher pressure
    • elevated piping, 9m 30' above finished grade
  10. what should the size of an approved air gap be?
    atleast twice the diameter of the inlet pipe, but never less than 25 mm or 1"
  11. if if either check valve should leak, the differential pressure relief valve discharges water to the atmosphere to maintain a pressure differential of not less than..
    14 kpa (2 psi)
  12. any PVB that is 3" or larger has...
    two check valves
  13. An AVB is not normally installed more than _____ above floor level
    1.2 m or 5'
  14. what pressure is hot water tanks tested at?
    300 psi
  15. what are the boiling points of water at the folowing pressures 14.7 pounds,, 50 pounds,, 100 pounds
    212 f,, 297 f,, 337 f
  16. standard temp and pressure releif valve settings are
    temp releif = 99 c or 210 .... pressure relief 150 psi 1050 kpa
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