Anatomy Deep Back Muscles

  1. What three muscle groups make up the erector spinae in the 1st layer?
    • Illiocostalis (most lateral)
    • Longissimus
    • Spinalis (most medial)
  2. What type of muscles are the erector spinae?
    Type 1 muscles
  3. What are the illiocostalis subgroups?
    Lumborum, Thoracic and Cervicis
  4. What are the longissimus subgroups?
    thoracic, cervicis, capitis
  5. What are the spinalis subgroups?
    thoracis, cervicis, capitis
  6. What are the four transversospinal groups?
    • Semispinalis¬†
    • Multifidus
    • Rotator Brevis
    • Rotator Longus
  7. What are the relationships between the transversospinalis muscles?
    They all originate at the transvers process and attach to spinous process
  8. Which transversospinalis muscles are longest and shortest?
    • Semispinalis is longest
    • Rotator brevis is shortest
  9. What are the most superficial and deepest transversospinalis muscles?
    • Semispinalis = superficial
    • Rotator Brevis = deepest
  10. How many deep neck layers are there?
  11. What are the second, third, and fourth layers?
    • 2nd = splenious¬†
    • 3rd = Semispinalis capitis and spinal capitis
    • 4th = Semispinalis cervicis and suboccipital muscles
  12. What is the origin and insertion of rectus capitis posterior major?
    C2 to inferior nuchal line
  13. What forms the boundaries of the occipital triangle?
    • rectus capitis posterior major (runs superior and oblique)
    • Obliquus capitis superior (most lateral )
    • Obliquus capitis inferior (most inferior)
    • floor = posterior arch C1, Posterior atlanto axial and atlantooccipital membrane
    • Roof = semispinalis capitis
  14. where is the location of the semispinalis cervicis?
    Deep to the semispinalis capitis
  15. What are the contents of the suboccipital triangle?
    vertebral artery, suboccipital nerve
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