Reproductive system test

  1. Parahormone
    Is synthesized by ____ glands and released into _____.
    Regulates phosphorous and _____ in the body.
    Functions in _____ excitation and blood clotting,
    • Parathyroid;
    • Bloodstream;
    • Calcium;
    • Neuromuscular
  2. Serum alpha-fetoprotein AFP
    substanced _____ produced in feal liver and can appear as adult _____ cancer.
    Helps diagnose Down's syndrome, _____, anencephaly, chromosomalsyndromes and congenital defects in pregnant women's blood.
    • Naturally;
    • Liver;
    • Spina bifida
  3. Triple screen test measures:
    1maternal serum _____
    2beta hCG human chorionic gonadotropin (hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and placenta)
    Urine and placenta is ASIs for thispregnancy test.
    Produced early in pregnancy first by ____ then placenta.
    Prepares endometrium for _____
    Is indicated in females with ______ carcinoma or molar pregnancies.
    3 in conjugated estriol a form of ____ that increased during pregnancy,
    Produced by placenta in ____ amounts.
    Can be detected in blood as early as ____ week of gestational age and increass until ____.
    • ATP;
    • Embryo;
    • Implanation;
    • Ovarian;
    • Estrogen;
    • Large;
    • 9th;
    • Delivery;
    • Fetus
  4. Fasting blood sugar
    For this test the patient NPO except water ____ before eating
    High levels indicate gestational ____.
    • 8 to 14 hours;
    • Diabetes
  5. Oal glucose intolerance test
    Two step test used to screen ____ for gestational _____.
    Step 1 blood test after 1 hour after drinking ____ of sweet liquid. If high result, second test done.
    If second test high, indicative of _____diabetes.
    • Pregnant patients;
    • Diabetes;
    • 1.8 ounces;
    • Gesational
  6. Hepatitis c virus HCV
    causes a form of ____ (liver inflammation)
    Virus was discovered in _____
    syndrome initially referred as  _______

    Coinfection with ____ is common
    Serologic test are available to check ___.
    Infection spread by ____ and less commonly sexual contact.often was often caused by use of medical products dried from _____.
    Hep a b and c are quite different.
    No vaccine for _____ as in hepatitis a and b.
    • Hepatitis
    • 1989
    • Non a non b hepatitis
    •  Hiv
    • Infection
    • Blood xchange
    • Blood and by blood transfusion
    • Hepatitis c
  7. Pregnancy-associated plasma protein A PAPP-A
    a glycoproteins of _____ origin that is used as a fist trimester screening test for chromosomal aneuploidies.
    An indicator of early pregnancy failure anpregnancies _____.Thre protein is normally present in _____ early inpregnancy and ithoroughly to be crucial for ____ fetal growth.
    ____ have beelinked with anincreased risk for aneuploidies and with restricted feal growth,
    PAPP-A also was reported to be ____ in established ectopicpregnancies.
    • Placental
    • Complications
    • High levels
    • Noemal
    • Low levels
    • Depressed
  8. CA-125
    Subsance produced by the _____, the endometrium, and the lining of the _____.
    Used as a ____ -an indicator of some types of cancer especially _____.
    Amount ____ in a women's blood and body fluids often when can of the ovaries is present.
    Elevated during first trimester of _____ and in women with pelvic inflammatory disease.
    Des notRosie  _____ the normal range in all women who have ovarian cancer.
    Ofen does not rise until the cancer is in an _____ stage.
    • Fallopian tubes
    • Abdominalmcavity
    •  Tumor marker
    •  Ovarian cancer
    • High
    • Pregnancy
    • Above
    • Advanced
  9. Carbohydrate antigen 15-3 (CA-15-3)
    Is a tumor marker associated with _____ cancer.
    Is _____ often used during treatment and remission.

    May be elevated in cancers of pancreas, lung, ovary, and liver.
    Non-malignant elevations may be seen hepatitis and _____
    • Breast
    • Most
    • Cirrhosis
  10. Sexually transmitted disease 5 categories 
    • Fungus
    • Protozoa
  11. Bacteria STDs
    • Syphilis
    • Gonorrhea
    • Chlamydia
  12. Viral STDs
    • Herpes simplex HSV
    • HIV/AIDS
    • hepatitis A B C D E
  13. Parasitic STDs
    • Pubic lice
    • Scabies
  14. Fungus STDs
    Candidiasis notstrictly STD but can be transmitted sexually
  15. Protozoa STDs
    • Trichomoniasis
    • Amebiasis
    • Giardiasis
  16. Pap smear
    Consists of ______ swab to collect sampling of cells.
    Abnormal results as ______ is possibly a precancerous condition.
    Many abnormality not due to cervical _______.
    If abnormality requires scrutiny then a patient may be referred for _____.
    • Cerivical
    • Dysplasia
    • Cancer
    • Colposcopy
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