Anatomy Sec 2 Vertebral Column

  1. Where does the vertebral column begin and end?
    • Begin = Foramen magnus
    • End = Tip of Coccyx
  2. How many vertebre and disks form the vertebral column? How many mobile segments?
    • 33 vertebrae
    • 23 discs
    • 24 mobile segments
  3. What are the boundaries of the Vertebral foramen?
    • Anterior = PLL and Vertebral body
    • Lateral  = Pedicles
    • Posterior = Lamina and Ligamentum Flavum
  4. What are the primary and secondar curvatures of the spine?
    • Primary = Thoracic kyphosis, Sacral kyphosis
    • Secondary = Cervical lordosis, Lumbar lordosis
  5. What are the boundaries of the typical IV Foramen
    • Anterior = Vertebral bodies and IV disk
    • Superior = Inferior vertebral notch
    • Inferior   = Superior vertebral notch
    • Posterior = Facet joint
  6. What are the main contents of a typical IV Foramen?
    • Spinal nerve
    • Dorsal root ganglia
    • Recurrent meningeal nerve
  7. What type of joint is formed by the bodies and IV disk?
    Symphysis joint (fibrocartilage)
  8. What is the soft gelatinous center of the IV disk called?
    Nucleus pulposus
  9. What is the fibrocartilage outer ring of the IV disk called?
    Anulus fibrosus
  10. What innervates the IV disk?
    Recurrent meningeal nerve
  11. How many vertebral column ligaments are there?
  12. What are the ligaments of the vertebral column? and what are there functions?
    • Anterior Longitudinal Ligament- prevents hyperextension
    • Posterior Longitudinal Ligament- prevents hyperflexion
    • Supraspinous ligament- prevents hyperflexion
    •      - Nuchal ligament- extension of SSL after C7
    • Interspinous ligament
    • Intertransverse ligament
    • Ligamentum Flavum
  13. What is the extension of the PLL from C2 to Occipital bone?
    Tectorial membrane
  14. What is the name of the joint between vertebral bodies and what type of joint is it?
    • Intervertebral joint
    • Symphysis
  15. Where is the facet joing/zygapophyseal/apopphyseal located and what type of joint is it?
    • Between inferior and superior articual facets
    • Synovial (hyaline cartilage)
  16. What type of joint is held together by the ligamentum flavum and where is it located?
    • Syndesmosis joint (bones held together by ligaments)
    • Joint between the laminae
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