History Benchmark Assessment 1

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  1. Who were the 1st people to migrate to America?
  2. Who were the early Americans settling in cities and villages?
  3. What were the Mesoamerican Civilizations?
    • Olmec
    • Maya
    • Inca
    • Aztec
    • Toltec
  4. Who came to dominate Mexico after the Mayans began to decline?
  5. What is the capital of the Aztec?
  6. "Mother culture of Mesoamerica. Their culture later influenced other people. They were the 1st to develop a writing system. 1200 BC.
  7. 400 BC. Priests studied the stars and made calendars. They made a writing system and a number system that used the concept of zero. 
  8. Had the largest empire, rose to power in the Andes Moutains of South America.
  9. Diverse _______ of North America influenced the Native American Cultures across the continent
  10. Leads to an exchange of ideas between cultures that were thousands of miles distant
    Native American Trade Networks
  11. Explored the west coast of Africa looking for a searoute to India.
    Protugese Exploration
  12. They reached Greenland in North America. Erik the Red began settlement there in 986.
  13. Where did Columbus think he landed?
    East Indies
  14. Interaction between Europeans and Native Americans, exchange of plants, animals, languages, and technology. Diseases were spread
    Columbian Exchange
  15. Positive Effects of the Columbian Exchange
    • Various Cultures came into contact
    • Metals, and resources made European nations wealthy
    • Food from America
  16. What were the Negative Effects of the Columbian Exchange?
    • Encomienda system,
    • population growth,
    • deadly diseases
  17. Who were the Spanish conquerors?
  18. Professinal solider in Spain that conquered the Aztecs
    Hernan Cortes
  19. The government of Spain established colonial governments. The Spanish King divided the empire in America into regions called viceroyalties. A viceroy ruled each region as a representative of the king.
    Spanish Colonization
  20. How was Jamestown found?
    The London Company sent three ships and 144 men to Virginia. 100 survived.
  21. Growing tobacco finally made Jamestown profitable by who?
    John Rolfe
  22. What were the Pilgrims and Puritans main reason for coming to America?
    Religious Freedom
  23. Founders of Plymouth?
  24. Greatest Achievement of Puritan Society?
  25. Who founded Pennsylvania?
    Quakers and William Penn
  26. How was William Penn given Pennsylvania?
    He was granted a large and valuable tract of land in North America in payment for the debt owed to his father
  27. Who was sent from New Netherlands to find the NorthWest Passage and found the Hudson River?
    Henry Hudson
  28. A nation's power was directly related to its wealth
  29. What was the goal of Mercantilism?
    Balance of Trade
  30. Voyage across the Atlantic, a horrifying experience where men, women and children were packed in the ships' below-deck quarters.
    The Middle Passage
  31. African Slaves: prisoners of war
  32. Who participated in the French and Indian War?
    French, Indians and British
  33. Results of the French and Indian War?
    France surrendered
  34. Britains attitude towards colonists after French and Indian War?
  35. Britain's new policy of taxation?
  36. Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party: Colonial Resentment
  37. First shots fired in the revolutionary war
  38. Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"
  39. Why was George Washington chosen to head Continental Army?
    He fought in the French and Indian War
  40. Why did the colonies win the Revolutionary War?
  41. Battle of Saratoga
  42. Battle of Yorktown
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