Reproductive lab test

  1. Parathormone
    Is synthesized by ______ glands and released _____. 
    Regulates phosphorus and _____ in the body.
    Functions in _____ excitation and blood clotting
    • Parathyroid;
    • Bloodstream;
    • Calcium;
    • Neuromuscular
  2. Serum alpha-fetaprotein AFP:
    Substanced _____ produced in fetal liver and can appear as adult _____ cancer.
    Helps diagnosis down's syndrome, ______ anencephaly, chromosomal syndromes and congenital defects  in pregnant women's blood.
    • Naturally;
    • Liver;
    • Spina bifida
  3. Triple screen test measures
    1Maternal serum _____
    2 beta hCG human chorionic gonadotropin ( hormone secreted by the anterior pituaritary gland and placenta.
    Urine and placenta is basis for this pregnancy test.
    Produced early in pregnancy first by _____then placenta. Prepares endometrium for_____.
     Is indicated in females with ____ carcinoma or molar pregnancies
    3 in conjugated estriol a form of ______ that increased during pregnancy. Produced by placenta in ____ amounts.
    Can be detected in blood as early as ____ week of gestational age and increases until _____.

    Test results determine whether the ___ is at higher risk of birth defects.
    • ATP;
    • Embryo;
    • Implantation;
    • Ovarian;
    • Estrogen;
    • Large;
    • 9th;
    • Delivery;
    • Fetus
  4. Fasting blood sugar:
    For this test the patient NPO except water _________ before eating.
    High levels indicate gestational _____
    • 8 to 14 hours;
    • Diabetes
  5. Oral glucose intolerance test:
     Two step test used to screen _______ for gestational _____. Step 1 blood I tested 1 hours after drinking ____ of sweet liquid. If high level a second test is done?
    If second test higthe indicative of ______ diabetes.
    • Pregnant patients;
    • Diabetes;
    • 1.8 ounces;
    • Gestational
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Reproductive lab test
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