Histology Muscle

  1. What is the function of skeletal muscle?
    Attaches to bone, skin, fascia, and other muscle
  2. What are skeletal muscles made of?
    the are striated with bands of actin (thin fibers) and myosin (thick filament)
  3. Where are smooth muscles found?
    organ walls, hair, blood vessels
  4. What makes cardiac muscle different?
    combination of smooth and skeletal muscles
  5. How many types of muscle are there? what are they?
    • 3
    • Skeletal
    • Smooth
    • Cardiac
  6. what are the characteristics of skeletal muscle?
    • multi nuclei
    • somatic innervation
    • sarcolemma (segmented)
  7. What are type I fibers?
    • slow twitch
    • very efficent
    • aerobic
  8. What type are fast twitch muscles?
    Type II A
  9. What are the characteristics of type II A fibers?
    • Somewhat fatigue-resistant
    • generate ATP aerobically
    • rapid ATP use
  10. What are type II B fibers and what are there characteristics?
    • Fast glycolytic fibers
    • Fatigue quickly
    • Anerobic
    • Split ATP rapidily but not steady rate
  11. What is a neuralomuscular junction?
    where nerve meets target muscle
  12. What is a motor unit?
    composed of a motor neuron and the muscle fibers it supplies
  13. what forms the striations in skeletal muscle?
    repeating myofibrils made of sarcomeres
  14. What for the intercalated disks in cardiac muscles?
    • fascia adherentes
    • desmosomes
    • gap junction
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