Digestive lab test

  1. Bilirubin
    Is a waste product formed when _____ breaks down and insoluble in water.
    Test results used to monitor the progression of certain conditions such as _____.
    No ___level of bilirubin exists.
    Reflectsnthe balance between production and _____.
    Hugh acculumulation may indicate liver damage, causes _____, and diseases.
    • Hemoglobin;
    • Jaundice;
    • Normal;
    • Jaundice
  2. PT (prothrombin time and vitamin k administration test:
    Pt is a ____ enzyme that is part of bloodclotting mechanism.
    Productionmof pt depends on adequate intakof and use of _____.
    • Protein;
    • Vitamin k
  3. Alanine transaminase ALT:
    Primarily a _____ enzyme aka SGPT or ALAT
    high levels indicates abnormal _____ cell damage
    • Liver;
    • Liver
  4. Lactate acid dehydrogenase LDH is metabolizing cells that have _____concentration in kidneys, _____, skeletal muscles, _____, liver tissues and _____.
    Main use is indicate the presence of myocardial and _____ infarction.
    High levels associated with hepatitis, _____ and _____ jaundice.
    When certainorgan tissues are damaged, LDH is released into the _____.
    Electrophoresis is used to separate the isoenzymes of _____.
    • Highest;
    • Heart;
    • Brain;
    • RBCs;
    • Bloodstream;
    • LHD
  5. Aspartame transaminase AST aka SGOT or aspirated aminiotranferase.
    Elevated AST indicates _____ liver damage
  6. Alkaline phosphatase ALP
    Enzyme found _____ in the bones and liver
    Values higher in ____ and pregnant women when bone or liver or _____ exist
    • Primarily;
    • Children;
    • Gallstones
  7. amylase is a _____ enzyme for breakdown of ______ carbs into smaller units.
    • Pancreatic;
    • Long-chain
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