Vocabulary Quiz 2

  1. Immutable (adj.)  Not capable of or susceptible to change
    Knowing her father's decisions were immutable, she accepted the fact that she would not be attending the dance.
  2. Iconoclast (n) a person who destroys religious images or opposes veneration
    The iconoclasts in our government are doing all they can to remove every vestige of God from our nation's memory.
  3. Impugn (v) to assail by words or arguments: oppose or attack as false or lacking integrity
    We have to assume the opposing counsel will attempt to impugn our most valuable expert witness.
  4. Indolent (adj) causing little or no pain:  Or:  habitually lazy
    Some think the three-toed sloth is an indolent creature when it is merely content to stay in one place.
  5. Inertia (n) indisposition to motion, exertion, or change
    The Congress seems to be stuck in a state of inertia when it comes to addressing the nation's budget crisis.
  6. Innocuous (adj):  Harmless, producing no injury
    Telling your children the tooth fairy is real seems to be an innoucuos lie--until they find out the truth!
  7. Insipid (adj) lacking taste, or lacking in qualities of interest
    I took my daughter to see "Hotel Transylvania" and I found it so insipid, I fell asleep!
  8. Integral (adj) essential to completeness
    The eye witness was so integral to the prosecuter's case that without her the case would be lost.
  9. Intrinsic (adj) inherent, belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing
    Animals in the wild have an intrinsic ability to sense a nearby threat.
  10. Irascible (adj) marked by a hot temper; easily provoked; or cantankerous, ornery
    Soccer parents exhibit irascible behavior by yelling and fighting with the referees. 
  11. Juxtapose (v) to place side by side
    The Science Center designed the exhibit to juxtapose the prehistoric era with the modern era--the placement enhanced their differences.
  12. Lascivious (adj)  lecherous, lustful
    The court found Sandusky guilty for his lascivious behavior with young boys.
  13. Loquacious (adj) full of excessive talk:  talkative, verbose
    I don't have the time to talk to a loquacious friend when I am working on an assignment.
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