Hematology lab test

  1. _____WBC counts are sign of infection, increased in certain types of leukemia.
    _____ WBC counts (leukopenia) are sign of bone marrow disease, _____ spleen, viral infection, certain anemias, diabetes, and associated with _____ infection
    • High;
    • Low;
    • Enlarged;
    • Diabetes;
    • HIV
  2. Red blood cell RBC):erythrocytes
    Most _____ type of blood cells and principal means of delivering ______ to body tissue via blood.
    Blood diseases: anemias, sickle cell anemia; _____, pernicious anemia, _____
    Polycythemia Vera: _____ in RBC; associated with Hodgkin disease; _____, and severa diarrhea
    • Common;
    • Oxygen;
    • Thalassemia;
    • Aplastic anemia;
    • Increases;
    • Leukemia
  3. Hemoglobin (Hgb): amount of oxygen-carrying _____ contained within the RBCs.
    High Hgb: occur as a result of lung disease, living at high _____ or _____ bone marrow production of blood cells.
    Low Hgb or (Hematocrit: Hct) suggests anemia
    • Protein;
    • Altitude;
    • Excessive
  4. Hct (hematocrit) or Pack Cell Volume
    Proportion of blood that is occupied by _____.
    Determined by centrifuging the ______in a capillary tube aka(Hematocrit tube).
    Hct gives indication of how concentrated the ___are and gives indirect impression whether patient is _____ and how relevant the measured hemoglobin level is.
    Males represented higher percentage than women.
    • RBCs;
    • Blood;
    • Red cells;
    • Dehydrated
  5. Glucose:
    Simple _____ sugar
    Test measures the _____ level in the blood
    High value associated with ______ before the test and _____.
    Is the _____ important carbohydrate
    Key source of _____.
    Absorbed into bloodstream through _____.
    Supply directly to fuel ______ and muscles the rest store as _____ and glycogen.
    • Monosaccharide;
    • Sugar;
    • Eating;
    • Diabetes;
    • Most;
    • Energy;
    • Intestinal wall;
    • Brain;
    • Fat
  6. Prothrombin time (PT)
    Test used to determine the _____ tendency of blood.
    Test check for low levels of _____.
    Prothrombin is a _____ made by the liver.
    If the clotting time is abnormal, itmay indicate the liver isn't making enough _____ proteins.
    • Clotting;
    • Vitamin K;
    • Protein;
    • Clotting
  7. Platelet (thrombocytes) counts:
    The _____ type of blood type that play a ____ role in blood clotting.
    When bleeding occurs platelets _____, clumping together and form a sticky plug to help stop the _____.
    Too few platelets result in ____ bleeding.
    Too many platelets result in high risk blood clotting in vessels.
    Involved in atherosclerosis.
    • Smallest;
    • Major;
    • Swell;
    • Bleeding;
    • Uncontrolled
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