Urbanism IV

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  1. Seaside, Florida
    • 1980 
    • revival of the suburb as a functional neighborhood, designed and promoted by the Duany Plater Zyberk Group
  2. Smart Code 
    a code utilized to create more walkable areas throughout human settlements 
  3. Smart Code and Minimum Parking 
    • smartcode calls for the minimum parking to be more emphasized 
    • now most developers create an overabundance of parking which are hardly used 
  4. minimum parking design 
    different from the requirement because it designs places to need fewer parking spaces 
  5. subdivision codes 
  6. suburban zoning codes 
    • all suburbs must conform to codes 
    • destroys undeveloped land to create more sprawl 
  7. Titus Salt 
    • created milton keynes England 
    • a company town where he aimed to have everyone in the town happy to live there 
  8. traditional neighborhood design 
    dense walkable areas full of mixed use buildings 
  9. Types of planned communities 
    • colonial and fronteir settlements 
    • garden cities, villages and suburbs 
    • automobile suburbs 
    • railroad and streetcar suburbs 
    • utopian communites and company towns 
  10. Williamsburg Virginia 
    Colonial/fronteir settlement with lots of order, formality set on a grid with a central square
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