Cells Chapter 5 Part 2

  1. What type of cell contains no nucelus or membrane-bound organelles?
  2. Example of a Prokaryote cell?
  3. What type of cell has a nucelus and membrane-bound organelles?
  4. Example of a Eukaryote cell?
    Plant and Animal Cells
  5. What type of cell does a human have?
  6. Examples of cells that we have in human bodies?
    • Brain Cells
    • White Blood Cells
  7. What are the 3 Parts of a Cell?
    • Cell Membrane/Cell Wall
    • Nucleus
    • Cytoplasm
  8. Serves at the outer covering of the cell and protects the cell?
    Cell Membrane
  9. Allows things to move in and out of the cell?
    Cell Membrane
  10. Gives shape to the cell?
    Cell Membrane
  11. What part of the cell is in all plant and animal cells?
    Cell Membrane
  12. What is it called when something allows things to pass in and out?
    Selectively Permeable
  13. What part of the cell is in all plant cells and bacteria cells?
    Cell Wall
  14. What part of the cell is made up of layers?
    Cell Wall
  15. What are the layers of the Cell Wall?
    • Pectin
    • Primary Cell Wall
    • Secondary Cell Wall
    • Cell Membrane
  16. What layer of the Cell Wall binds cells together?
  17. What layer of the Cell Wall has cellulose?
    Primary Cell Wall
  18. What layer of the Cell Wall has cellulose and lignin?
    Secondary Cell Wall
  19. What is the last layer of the Cell Wall?
    Cell Membrane
  20. What comes first on the outer layer of the cell? The Cell Membrane or the Cell Wall?
    Cell Wall
  21. What is the control center of the cell?
  22. Where are the ribosomes made?
  23. What is the made of RNA and proteins?
  24. What protects the NUCLEUS and allows things in and out of the cell?
    • Nuclear EnvelopeĀ 
    • (nuclear membrane)
  25. What is more selectively permeable?
    The Cell Membrane or Nuclear Membrane?
    Nuclear Membrane
  26. What is the order of the Nucelus?
    • Nuclear Membrane
    • Nucleus
    • Nucleolus
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