Urbanism III

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  1. Pedestrian Pocket 
    • Created by Peter Calthorpe 
    • up to 110 acres of pedestrian friendly district in a metropolis that linked transit 
  2. Planned Unit Development 
    also known as Cluster zoning where houses are only built on buildable land and everything else is untouched 
  3. Principles of pedestrian friendly neighborhoods 
    • 1.keep garages off street front (shared driveways 
    • 2.back alleys and lanes between homes 
    • 3.keep houses close to the street 
    • 4.Provide a network of green open spaces 
    • 5. Have a neighborhood store 
  4. Property rights
    people think new urbanism forces people to live in a way that someone else wants them to
  5. Pullman Illinois 
    • most favorable company town in the U.S. 
    • worked perfectly until the company failed resulting in the failure of the entire town 
  6. Radburn, New Jersey 
    • Planned for automobiles to coexist with pedestrians 
    • there was an underpass under most of the roads for pedestrian safety 
  7. railroad and streetcar suburbs 
    • residential only 
    • no grid layout and the streets were laid out to countour the landscape 
  8. Riverside, Illinois 
    • an example of railroad suburb 
    • more related to new urbanism, more commercial uses 
    • compact 
    • linked by railroads 
  9. Robert Davis 
  10. Saltaire England 
    • Created by Sir Titus Salt 
    • an example of a well planned company town 
    • made sure that his residents were happy 
    • parks business and other amenities 
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