Urbanism II

  1. Elizabeth Platter-Zyberk
    • Married Andres Duany 
    • created smart code planning 
  2. Floor Area Ratios 
    • determines how much of usable square footage of building in relation to the size of the lot.
    • For example: If the ratio is 6, you can build 6 times the amount of your lot, elevators and stairwells aren't accounted for in the F.A.R.
  3. Garden Cities, Villages, and Suburbs
    Intended to be Self Sustained surrounded by agriculture
  4. Greenbelt Towns
    Built with the idea that things were separated but in a way that protects the natural environment Ebenezer Howard
  5. Lake Fores, Illinois 
    1869 strong compact and trying to be a complete community 
  6. Levittown, New York 
    • The first planned and produced suburb which featured many cookie cutter houses 
    • mass produced after WWII
  7. Lord Richard LLewellyn Davies 
    • Created Town of Milton Keynes England 
    • 1920 alleviated over population in London 
  8. Marlemount, Ohio
    • planned by John Nolan 
    • tried to be self sufficient by having small businesses 
    • it failed because people not enough people stayed here 
  9. Milton-Keynes England 
    • planned by Lord Richard Llwellyn-Davies 
    • had the vision that people didn't need to be close to each which led to the erosion of neighborhoods 
  10. neighborhood unit 
    • created by Clarence Perry in the early 1900s 
    • included up to 110 acreas pedestrian pockets with mixed use buildings 
  11. Peter Calthorpe 
    a San Fransisco based architect, urban designer and urban planner who cofounded the Congress for New Urbanism that promoted sustainable building practices 
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