Metal Extrusion and Drawing

  1. A process in which a billet is placed in a chamber (container) and forced through a die opening by a hydraulically driven ram (pressing stem or punch)
    Forward extrusion
  2. A process in which the die moved toward the unextruded billet. No billet-container friction since there is no relative motion.
    Indirect extrusion
  3. In this process, the billet is smaller in diameter than the chamber (which is filled with fluid) and the pressure is transmitted to the fluid by a ram.
    Hydrostatic extrusion
  4. This process is necessary for metals and alloys that do not have sufficient ductility at room temperature, or in order to reduce the forces required.
    Hot extrusion
  5. Process in which a punch descends rapidly on the blank, which is extruded backwards.
    Impact Extrusion
  6. In this process, the pressure required in the chamber is supplied via a piston through an incompressible fluid medium surrounding the billet. 
    Hydrostatic Extrusion
  7. The cross section of a long rod or wire is reduced or changed by pulling it through a die
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Metal Extrusion and Drawing
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