1. the measurement that is generally used to calculate the amount of water per day that is evaporated, formed into clouds and which falls as rain on the earth is
    ccubic kilometres
  2. the most popular disinfection method used for water is
  3. in a mild climate areas of BC, the required minimum depth of cover placed over the top of a water service is
    .6m or 2'
  4. backfill placed next to and over the top of a water service must not contain
    stones boulders, cynders, or frozon earth
  5. k and L hard copper tube can be used
    above ground in a water distribution system
  6. For copper tubing installed underground, joints shall be made by using..
    brazing alloy
  7. Every water service pipe shall be provided with a shut off valve
    where the pipe enters the building
  8. the minimum water service pipe is
  9. if the static line pressure exceeds 85 psi, what must be installed
    a pressure reducing valve
  10. to decrease the pressure suppliedĀ  by a PRV, turn the regulating screw
    counter clockwise
  11. what meter is used on residential installations
    positive displacement meter
  12. in a rotating disk meter, the amount of water used is transmitted to the dial of the meter by a..
    gear train
  13. CIB meters are installed in areas of the province which have
    freezing conditions only
  14. Split case meters are made from
  15. what valve closes the turbine side during low flow in a compound meter?
  16. in an ARB system, the water usage data is captured in..
    a solid state memory
  17. what causes back siphonage?
    nagative pressure or a reduced pressure in a supply pipe
  18. If a customer fails to cooperation in the installation, maintenance, testing or inspection of a back flow prevention device, the authority can
    terminate the water service or require an approved device at the property line
  19. a minus pressure in a waterline will cause
    back siphonage
  20. Any water source or system other than the public water supply that may be available in a building or premise should be considered
    an unsafe water supply
  21. fire fighting pumps on ships are capable of boosting pressures to
    200 psi
  22. High velocity in a potable waterline could create a partial vacuum along its inside walls. true or false?
  23. the backflow preventer used with a flushometer is a
    atmospheric vacuum breaker
  24. Back low preventers should b tested how often?
  25. the zone of reduced pressure in a reduced pressure backflow device must be able to maintain______ between the zone and the supply pressure
    14 kpa or 2 psi
  26. what backflow preventer is required for a drinking fountain
    an air gap
  27. what is the minimum distance of an air gap at a tank or sump
    1" or 2 times the diameater of the inlet pipe
  28. what is the type of device best suited for protection against back pressure
    reduced pressure backflow device (RPBD)
  29. Backflow into a drinking water line from a direct fpressure connection to a food processing line containing edible syrup under pressure from a circulating pump may be prevented by the installation of..
    a double check valve assembly (DCVA)
  30. PremiseĀ  isolation is used mainly in
  31. wher an extreme health hazard is present and a mechanical backflow preventer is not adequate protection, an____ should also be used.
    air gap
  32. modern hot water tanks are designed for working pressures of up to
    150 psi
  33. what promots convection currents in an electrically heated hot water tank
    lower emersion heater
  34. what tank has the slowest recovery rate
    electrically heated tank
  35. the releif valve discharge piping drains by
  36. A pressure heat rupture would not be caused by corrosion factors and heat weakewning. true or false
  37. the temperature of superheated water in a domestic hot water tank is above..
    212 degrees farenheigt
  38. the standard T &P valve temperature reief setting is
    99 deg celcius or 212 deg farenheight
  39. a domestic hot water ciruculation pump is required
    on long runs of hot water piping
  40. you should use ___ valves to balance multiple return lines in a domestic hot water circulation system
    BALL valve
  41. there will be a _____ on the outer cover of a hot water storage tank which has a pin hole in the tank wall
    hot spot
  42. What is used to replace plugged galvanized nipples on hot water storage tanks
    plastic lined nipples
  43. The inside of old water copper lines can be dissolved by
    carbon dioxide
  44. the only effective solution to scale build up in a domestic hot water tankk is to
    have the water treated before heating
  45. What is used to check a fuse that visually appears to be okay
    a continuity tester
  46. before replaceing an immersion heater element, the power is first --------- and the tank is ________ to a point below the element.
    disconnected; drained
  47. the majority of new tanks came equipped with a ___ immersion heater element
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