Patho Week 3 Spinal Disorders

  1. Spinal ligament that runs C1-C7
    Nuchal Ligament
  2. Spinal Ligament that runs alonf Thoracic and Lumbar
    Supraspinal Ligament
  3. Ligament between spinal vertebae
    Intrasoinal ligament
  4. What Muscles are part of the Erector Spinae Group
    • Spinalis
    • Longissimus
    • Iliocostalis
  5. What muscles are part of the transversospinalis group
    • Semispinalis
    • Multifidus
    • Rotatores
  6. What are the two degenerative joint diseases?
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Spondylolysis
  7. Degenerative joint disease causes ...
    • Pain with movement
    • Loss of active and passive mobility
  8. Exercises for degenerative joint disease should ...
    proceed in a direction opposite the area of aggrevation
  9. Disk herniation
    • neurological involvement
    • MOI: lumbar flexion
    • pain is aggrevated by sitting
    • typically distal symptoms are unilateral
  10. What is spinal stenosis?
    narrowing of the spinal canal that causes compression of the cord and nerves
  11. Spinal stenosis S/S
    • aggrevated during extension & walking
    • Flexion offers relief
    • Pain & paresthesia
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