Intro to SWK 255 (roles)

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  1. The four roles of Consultancy
    • Enabler
    • Facilitator
    • Planner
    • Collegue/Monitor
  2. The four roles of Management
    • Broker/Advocate
    • Convener/Mediator
    • Activist
    • Catalyst
  3. The four roles of Education
    • Teacher
    • Trainer
    • Outreach
    • Researcher/Scholar
  4. Enabler
    • Empowerment for problem resolution 
    • Micro level
    • Strengths based
  5. Facilitator
    • Foster organizational development (mezzo)
    • Organizational planning
    • Strategies
    • Conflict management in the agency
  6. Planner 
    • Coordination of program and policy development (macro)
    • Working with society to meet unmet needs
  7. Colleague/Monitor
    • Mentor and guide for support and professional acculturation
    • Micro, Mezzo, and Macro
  8. Broker/Advocate
    • Intermediary between individuals and resources (micro)
    • Links clients with available resources
    • Give a voice to someone
  9. Convener/Mediator 
    • Assemble groups and organizations for resource development (mezzo)
    • Mediator between two formal groups/organizations 
  10. Activist
    • Activism to stimulate and energize social change
    • Seeking to change policy, civil liberties, and social justice.
  11. Catalyst
    • Stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation for resource development 
    • Improve services, review pannels, coalitions
  12. Teacher 
    Identif vulnerable, at risk populationsa nd provide educational programming (micro)
  13. Trainer
    Instruct or educate through staff development (mezzo)
  14. Outreach
    Convey public information about social issues and social services
  15. Researcher/Scholar 
    • Engage in discovery for knowledge development 
    • Synthesize info about situations/population to move people forward.
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