Misc. Words Isee 11

  1. Surrepetitiously (adj)
    • Secretly kept because it would not be approved of
    • Ex: The child surrepetitively snuck downstairs every night to steal cookies.
  2. Pique (v)
    To stimulate or irritate
  3. Hearse (n)
    A vehicle for carrying the coffin during a funeral
  4. Synagogue (n)
    A building where Jewish people go to worship God
  5. Tenure (v)
    • To give a permanent post
    • Ex: The pricipled tenured the man as a history teacher.
  6. Perjury (n)
    Lying under oath (esp. in court)
  7. Pasachal (adj)
    Of or relating to Easter or Passover
  8. Perforate (v)
    To make small holes in a fabric so it will be easy to tear
  9. Consortium (n)
    An association, typically of several business companies
  10. Absolve (v)
    To declare formally that one is released from guilt, blame, or responsibility
  11. Wheelright (n)
    A person who fixed wooden wheels back in the day...:D
  12. Cooper (n)
    A person who made wooden casks and barrels back in the day...:D
  13. Caste (n)
    • The system of dividing classes in society, or the classes themselves
    • Ex: Those people were considered to be of the lowest caste.
  14. Intrinsic (adj)
    Belonging naturally; essential
  15. Coerce (v)
    • To persuade someone to do something using threats or force
    • Ex: The slaver coerced the slaves to till the field by whipping them.
  16. Periphery (n)
    • 1. The outer edge or limits of an area or object
    • 2. A marginal or secondary position in or part of an aspect of a group, subject, or sphere of activity
  17. Slew (v) (n)
    • (v)1. To turn or slide violently or uncontrollably in a particular direction
    • (n)2. A violent or uncontrollable sliding movement
    • 3. A large number or quantity of something
  18. Mediocre (adj)
    Of moderate quality; not very good
  19. Treacle (n)
    Cloying sentimentality or flattery
  20. Hapless (adj)
    • (esp. of a person) Unfortunate
    • Ex: The hapless people happened to be right next to the pool when the boy cannonballed in.
  21. Pander (v)
    To gratify or indulge an immoral or distasteful desire, need, or habit or a person with such a desire, etc.
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Misc. Words Isee 11
Misc. Words Isee 11