Vocab 5

  1. propensity
    a natural perference or tendency
  2. reprehensible
    deserving of blame, criticism, or disapproval
  3. fortuitous
    happening by chance, by accident, or at random; lucky
  4. solace
    comfort in sorrow or misfortune; consolation
  5. liaison
    a person who serves as a connection between individuals or groups; a go-between
  6. equivocate
    to be deliberately vague in order to mislead
  7. impeccable
    faultless; perfect
  8. solicitous
    showing or expressing concern, care, or attention
  9. predisposed
    tending toward or open to somtheing beforhand
  10. sham
    a pretense or counterfeit; somthing meant to deceive
  11. enigma
    a mystery or puzzle
  12. dispatch
    to send to a specific place or on speific business
  13. nocturnal
    of, about, or happening in the night; active at night
  14. attest
    to make a statement about something on the basis of personal experience; bear witness; testify
  15. orient
    to determine one's location or direction; to locate in relation to a direction
  16. discern
    to recognize; detect
  17. enhance 
    to improve
  18. mobile
    moving or able to move from place to place
  19. attribute
    a quality or festure of a person or thing
  20. exemplify
    to be an example of; represent; be typical of
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