Comp and Lit Final

  1. Author of Appointment in Sammara?
    W. Somerset Maugham
  2. Author of God Father Death
    Grimm Brothers
  3. Author of A&P
    John Updike
  4. Author of A Rose for Emily
    William Faulkner
  5. Author of 1st Confession
    Frank O'Connor
  6. Author of Jilting of Granny Witherall
    Kathrine Anne Porter
  7. Author of Cathedral
    Raymond Carver
  8. Author of A Good Man is Hard to Find
    Flannery O'Connor
  9. Author of Story of an Hour
    Kate Chopin
  10. Author of The Storm
    Kate Chopin
  11. Author of A Clean Well Lighted Place
    Ernest Hemingway
  12. Author of Barn Burning
    William Faulkner
  13. Author of Greasy Lake
    T Coraghessan Boyle
  14. Author of Othello
    William Shakespeare
  15. Author of Death of a Salesman
    Arthur Miller
  16. Author of Out, Out--
    Robert Frost
  17. Author of Birches
    Robert frost
  18. Author of #25
    e.e. cummings
  19. Author of Home Burial
    Robert Frost
  20. POV A&P
    1st person
  21. POV A rose for emily
    1st person
  22. POV 1st confession
    1st person
  23. POV jilting of granny
    3rd person
  24. POV Cathedral
    1st person
  25. POV a good man is hard to find
    3rd person
  26. POV the storm
    3rd person
  27. POV story of an hour
    3rd person
  28. POV greasy lake
    1st person
  29. POV a clean well lighted
    3rd person
  30. POV barn burning
    3rd person
  31. Stories of initiation
    1st confession, greasy lake, A&P, cathedral, barn burning
  32. What does Jackie threated Nora with?
    Butter knife
  33. What did Queenie buy at the A&P
    Hering snacks
  34. Who is blind
    Robert in cathedral
  35. Who stood up granny witherall at the altar
  36. Which author was from oxford mississippi
  37. How did we know emily was sleeping with homers corpse
    Gray hair still on pillow
  38. Who was Sammys friend at the A&P
  39. In which two stories does colonel sartoris appear in
    a rose for emily & barn burning
  40. Which author committed suicide
  41. Who is the protagonist in barn burning
    colonel sartoris/sarty
  42. Who is the protagonist in A&P
  43. Which author was a drunk
  44. Which author was from Ireland
    Frank O'Connor
  45. Who causes the accident in a good man
  46. Who was supposed to teach jackie how to give 1st confession
    Mrs. Ryan
  47. Which stories are fables
    Appointment in sammara & Godfather death
  48. Who is emilys lover
    Homer barron
  49. Who ends up wearing bailey boys shirt
    the misfit
  50. Who does Mrs. Mallard think is dead in story of an hour
    Her husband Brentley
  51. Who took care of granny witherall
    her eldest daughter cornelia
  52. Who stops the old man from killing himself in a clean well lighted
    his neice
  53. Who is the manager of the A&P
  54. What is the cats name in a good man
    Pitty sting
  55. What was given as a christening gift by godfather death
    Magical herb
  56. Which child dies in granny witherall
    hapsy, after giving birth to a boy
  57. Who is the protagonist in a clean well lighted
    old waiter
  58. Who is deaf
    the old man in a clean well lighted
  59. Stories told in stream of consciousness
    barn burning & the jilting of granny
  60. Who is the protagonist in cathedral
    Husband/ Bub
  61. What does emily use to kill homer
    rat poisioning
  62. Who is the protagonist in jilting of granny
    Ellen Witherall
  63. What stops the boys from crossing the line to really becoming bad
    another car comes
  64. Where does the protagonist end up at in greasy lake
    in the lake with owl
  65. Who is the protagonist in first confession
  66. Which author is from georgia
    Flannery O'Connor
  67. Who was calixtas lover in the storm
  68. What did abner ruin in barn burning
    french rug
  69. Who is saved first in godfather death
    the king
  70. fiction
    "shaping or counterfeiting" in latin name for stories not entirely factual but at least partly shaped made up imagined
  71. fable
    a brief story that sets forth some pointed statement of truth
  72. moral
    or message sometimes stated in the end
  73. dramatic situation
    a person is involved in some conflict
  74. exposition
    opening portion that sets the scene intro the main characters tells us what happened before the story opened and provides any other background info that we need in order to understand or care about the events to follow
  75. complication
  76. protagonist
    central character who is not especially brave or virtuous
  77. suspense
    the pleasurable anxiety we feel that heightens our attention to the story in heres in our wondering how it will turn out
  78. antagonist
    person who is opposed to struggles against or competes with another opponent/ protagonist
  79. foreshadowing
    indication of whats to come
  80. crisis
    moment of high tension
  81. climax
    the moment of greatest tension at which the outcome will be decided
  82. conclusion
    also called the resolution or denouement, its the outcome
  83. denouement
    untying of the knot
  84. plot
    artistic arrangement of events
  85. in medias res
    in the midst of things, skipping the exposistion and first presenting some exciting or significant moment then filling in what happened earlier
  86. flashback
    or retrospect, a scene relived in characters memory
  87. summary
    terse general narration
  88. short story
    a form more realistic than the tale and of modern origin the writer usually presents the main events in greater fullness
  89. scene
    a vivid or dramatic moment described in enough detail to create the illusion that the reader is practically there
  90. epiphany
    some moment of insight discovery or revelation by which a characters life or view of life is greately altered
  91. story of initiation
    short stories that tell of a character initiated into experience or maturity
  92. narrator
  93. point of view
    to identify the narrator of a story describing any part he or she plays in the events and any limits placed on his or her knowledge
  94. observer
    a minor character standing a little to one side watching a story unfold that mainly involves someone else
  95. nonparticipant
    does not appear in the story as a character
  96. all-knowing or omniscient
    narrator sees into the minds of all or some characters moving when necessary from one to another
  97. editorial omniscience
    adding an occasional comment or opinion
  98. impartial omniscience
    presents the thoughts or/and actions of the character but does not judge them or comment on them
  99. limited or selective omniscience
    when a nonparticipating narrator sees events through the eyes of a single character whether a major or minor one
  100. objective pov
    narrator does not enter the mind of any character but describes the events from the outside
  101. innocent or naive narrator
    character who fails to inderstand all the implications of the story
  102. unreliable narrator
    pov that of a person who we percieve is deceptive self deceptive or derranged
  103. stream of consciousness
    procession of thoughts passing through the mind
  104. interior monologue
    an extended presentation of characters throughts in an arrangement as if the character were speaking out loud to himself for us to overhear
  105. total omniscience
    knowledge of all the minds of the characters has its disadvantages
  106. stock characters
    stereotyped character often known by some outstanding trait
  107. character
    and imagined person who inhabits story
  108. motivation
    sufficient reason to behave as they do
  109. flat character
    only have one outstanding feature
  110. round character
    presents more facts author portrays them in greater depth and detail
  111. static character
  112. dynamic character
    changing one
  113. allusion
    making reference to some famous person place or thing in history other fiction or actuallity
  114. antihero
    protag lacking one or more usual attributes of a traditional hero
  115. gratutious act
    a deed withoug cause or motive
  116. setting
    time and place
  117. locale
    where the story takes place
  118. naturalism
    fiction of grim realism observing character as products and victims of environment and heredity
  119. tone
    whatever leads us to infer the authors attitude
  120. style
    indv traits or chatacteristics of a piece of writing
  121. symbol
    a person place or thing in a narrative that suggests meaning beyond its literal sense
  122. theme
    a general recurring subject or idea conspicuously evident in a literary work
  123. aside
    in drama few words or short passage spoken in an undertone or to the audience other characters are deaf to the aside
  124. consonance or slant rhyme
    a kind of rhyme in which linked words share similar constant sounds but different vowel sounds
  125. caesura
    a pause within a line of verse
  126. simile
    a comparison of two things indicated by some connective usually like or as
  127. allusion
    a brief reference ina text to a person place or thing fictitous or actual
  128. assonance
    the repetition of two or more vowel sounds in successice words which create a kind of rhyme
  129. euphony
    the harmonious effect when the sounds of the words connect with the meaning in a way pleasuring to the ear and mind
  130. blank verse
    the most commonand well known meter of unrhymed poetry in english blank verse contains 5 iambic feet per line and is never rhymed
  131. dialogue
    the direct representation of the conversation between two or more characters
  132. catharsis
    feeling of emotional release or calm the spectator feel at the end of tragedy
  133. alliteration
    • repetition of two or more constatnt sounds in successive words in a line of verse
    • -initial: cool cats
    • -internal: kitchen cups concupsient curds
  134. rhyme
    • masculine- stress placed on final syllable
    • feminine- stress placed on any syllable but the last
  135. auditory immagery
    a word or sequence of words that refers to the sense of hearing
  136. clememts stole bricks from whos house
    Flannery O'Connor
  137. what business do biff and happy want to start
    sporting goods
  138. what does willy pay before he dies
    insuance premium thinking his family will get the money
  139. who uses untraditional capitalization
    e.e. cummings
  140. a man is not a bird to come and go with the spring- which character
    linda lloman
  141. how does othello initially plan to kill desdemona
  142. who has an overdeveloped sense of competition
  143. sisters name in 1st confession
  144. roderigo is in love with who
  145. montano is who
    governor of cypress
  146. barbantio is whos father
  147. who is planning a double knavery agains othello
  148. who does cassio duel with
  149. lodovicio is who
    desdemonas cousin
  150. emilia is who
    iagos wife and desdemonas lady in waiting
  151. iago is jealous of who
    cassio and othello
  152. barbantio is jealous of who
  153. who is bill oliver
    biff tries to get a loan from him to start business...he used to work for him, steals his pen in the end
  154. when willy talks to himself he is usually talking to
  155. who always points out that they are loosing weight
    happy, in hopes to get willys attention
  156. who is the neighbor
    charlie- he gives willy money every week in which linda thinks is his sallary
  157. who is carlies son
  158. what does charlies son become
    a lawyer
  159. what does biff play in high school, and what subject does he fail
    football, math
  160. what is the object/symbol of guilt in death of a salesman
  161. who is ben
    willys brother left him and their mother when he went to look for their dad
  162. what is willy good at
  163. what did willys dad make
    he made and sold flutes
  164. who is dave singleman
    the man on train that told willy he should become a salesman
  165. why did biff not have an address for 3 months
    he was in jail for stealing a suit
  166. how does willy die
    wrecking his car
  167. in the end where does biff go
    back to texas
  168. willys brother made is fortune doing what
    mining diamonds in africa
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