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    Sansevieria trifasciata 'Zeylanica'

    Snake plant, Mother-in-law's tongue

    Takes neglect, well-drained soil, will tolerate a little dryness, requires low-med. light, and has slivery and green foliage.
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    Monstera deliciosa

    Monster, split-leaved philodendron

    Requires low-med light, leaves split, needs well drained moist soil, vining plant produces aerial roots, doesn't like the temp. to get under 50 degrees F, cut back, repot every couple of years.
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    Rhapsis excelsa

    Lady palm

    hardy, needs well drained soil, requires low-med. light. Palmate style leaves.
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    Liriope muscari

    Lily grass, lily turf

    8-9 pH, requires moderate watering and humidity, tolerates high-low light, 12" roots, takes a lot of abuse, likes well drained soil.
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    Epipremnum aureum

    golden pothos, devil's ivy

    Popular house plant, helps with sick building syndrome- purifies the air, water when the top layer of soil is dry, prefers warm environment, is poisonous.
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    Aglaonema 'Emerald Beauty'

    Emerald Beauty, MAria Chinese evergreen

    Well drained soil, acidic-neutral soil, tolerates any kind of light, groundcover, dk. green and silver cheveron patterned foliage, mist leaves occasionally, fert. only during growing season.
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    Araucaria heterophylla

    Norfolk island pine

    Well drained soil, allow to dry a little between waterings, branches in groups of 5 making for star shaped growing sections of the tree.
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    Strelitzia reginae

    Bird of paradise

    Upright clump habit. Grows about 3'tall, well drained soil, water thouroughly and let surface dry. Likes to be at 55-60 degrees F in winter and warmer to bloom in summer, needs 4 hrs. direct sun yr. round, needs to be about 5 yrs. old and nearly root bound to bloom (stressed)
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    Schlumbergera gaertneri

    Easter cactus

    Soft scalloped leaves, christmas cactus has sharp toothed leaves, needs to be watered more frequently than desert cactus, good soil, succulent, increase watering while blooming, fertilize during blooming season, bright indirect light. not lower than 50 degrees F, repot after flowering.
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    Ficus benjaminia

    Ben Fig, weeping fig

    Slightly drooping habit, good potting soil, well drained soil, water when top is dry, likes to stay within 70-75 degrees F, no new growth when below 60 degrees F, only small amounts of direct sunlight, and any sudden climate change causes leaf drop.
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    Ficus elastica

    Rubber plant

    Allow to dry in between waterings, low light-shade lighting requirements, repot every 2 yrs. in spring. polish leaves to keep shiny glossy leaves.
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    Cissus rhombifolia

    Grape Ivy

    well drained soil. keep above 50 degrees F, low-high lighting, no direct sunlight, fertilize spr.-fall, groundcover, climber, hanging basket.
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    Hedera helix

    English Ivy

    Needs to be misted occasionally, well drained soil, fertilize spr-fall, prefers cool humidity, pointed arrow shaped foliage, not a good plant for heat/direct sunlight, easy care, varigated varieties.
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    Dracaena cincta

    Madagascar dragon tree, red edged dracaena

    Likes med-low light, Lightly mist occasionally, likes well drained soil, adaptable, red edged leaf margin, fertilize spr-fall, specimin tree, plant different canes.
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    Yucca elephantipes

    Spineless yucca

    Sandy well drained  soil, reg. water, reduce water during winter, likes to be a little dryer, can only go down to 45 degrees F, bright light, avoid overwatering, xeric.
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    Schefflera arboricola

    Dwarf schefflera, Hawaiian schefflera

    well drained soil, slightly acidic soil, fertilize once a year, keep above 60 degrees F., med-bright light, upright bushy plant.
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    Chrysanthemum x grandiflora

    Chrysanthemum, mum

    comes in a variety of colors, daisy like flower, regular water, well drained soil, don't allow to dry out, prefers temps. to stay within 65-70 degrees F, full sun, bright light, likes lots of nutrients.
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    Cyclamen rhombifolia

    regular potting soil, humidity, reg. water, blooms winter-spr, dormant in the summer, bright light during blooming period.
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    Dypsis lutescens

    Areca palm

    5-10' tall, likes well drained slightly acidic soil, fertilize in 3:1:3 ratios, needs humidity, prune out suckers, direct light, canes goldish white with black spotting.
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