Vocab Test

  1. Reconstruction
    bringing the south back into the union
  2. Freedmans Bureau
    a federal agency designed to aid freed slaves and relieve the souths immediate needs
  3. Andrew Johnson
    Vice Pres. to President
  4. Thirteen Amendment
    end slavery 1865
  5. Radical Republican
    congress man who advocated full citizenship rights for African Americans along with a harsh reconsruction policy toward the south
  6. Impeachment
    the act of bringing charges against an official in order to determine whether he should be removed from office.
  7. Fourteenth Amendment
    guarenteed full citizenship status
  8. Fifteenth Amendment
    no male citizen could be denied
  9. sharecropping 
    system farmer tends crop
  10. Ku Klux Klan
    use terror and violence against african American and whit supporters
  11. segregation
    legal separation of the races became the law in all southern states
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