115: Training Reporting

  1. State the purpose of Impaired Training and Education Report (ITER) Policy and Reporting Procedures.
    To establish the process for reporting conditions that may reduce the ability to train and/or educate personnel, and to seek assistance from their chain of command when necessary.
  2. List the N codes within NETC that the Learning Center shall Address
    • N1: Total Force manpower
    • N4: Facilities and Logistics
    • N6: Chief Information Officer
    • N7: Learning and Development
    • N8: Resources, Requirements, and Assessments
  3. State who will draft the NETC response for ITERs.
  4. Explain ITER conditions Red and Yellow
    • Red: situation that currently exists which cancels or stops training/education entirely or degrades NEC-producing training to the point that the NEC cannot be awarded.
    • Yellow: A situation that may result in delayed or canceled classes, failure to instruct critical learning objectives, degradation in the ability to meet scheduled throughtput or quality of instruction, etc., if appropiate action not taken.
  5. List the six ITER types
    • Personnel
    • Equipment
    • Facilities
    • Curricula
    • Ammunition
    • Correction
  6. List three ITER categories
    • Initial
    • Update
    • COR
  7. Define a Missed Training Opportunity (MTO)
    The loss of a course quota by a command
  8. List five examples of a MTO
    • A command has a quota for a student who does not report for a course and the command does not provide a replacement
    • A command cancels a grated quota in four or fewer working days prior to a course's convening without providing a replacement
    • A student does not meet course prerequisites
    • A student is absent from the course of instruction to the extent that he/she cannot obtain credit for the course of instrction due to the command recall of the student
  9. Who has the responsibility to report a MTO
    TSCs/TSDs will submit MTO report weekly
  10. How often is the MTO data gathered and in what format is this data sent
    Weekly MTO Report, via Navy Message
  11. Explain the purpose of Casulty Reporting (CASREP)
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