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  1. These glands are also called Cowper's glands
    Bulbourethral glands
  2. What is associated with the production of autoantobodies, whichmay be caused by a defect in suppressor T lymphocyte function?
    Grave's Disease
  3. Spirochetes are "berry" shaped microorganisms
  4. AN endocrine disorder of the throid glan that affects adults is :
  5. This may appear in older women due to poor musculature from aging and the effects of childbirth
  6. Which skin infection is caused by the itch mite?
  7. Poison ivy is characterized by flat lesions, which are dry and scaly or moist and crusty
  8. What disease is an inherited disorder characterized by bilateral, grapelike clusters of fluid-filled cysts that replace normal renal tissue?
    Polycystic kidney disease
  9. Properly labeled agar plates will be labeled on the bottom side of the dish?
  10. Plastic surgery on wrinkles involes the use of a strong acid that destroys all the top layers of skin and somtimes a part of the dermal layer?
  11. Three types of ________ result from varieties of parasitic lice.
  12. This condition is a self-limiting reaction to allergens.
  13. If gonadotrophic hormone production fails before puberty, sexual maturity will not occur
  14. because of the possibility of the mother having _______, all newborns routunely recieve silver nitrate solution in their eyes as part of the immediate after birth care
  15. How many red blood cells does a human have in a cubic millimeter of blood?
    5 million
  16. The rule of nine is used to:
    Estimate the size of burn
  17. Which of the following suffixes does NOT mean to eat or digest?
  18. What does an ERCP produre remove from the digestive syetem
    Stone from the common bile duct
  19. Gram Positive microorganism will stain dark blue to violet during gram staining.
  20. Which disorder results from serious lack of the tyroid hormone thyroxine beginng in the early stages of life?
  21. When preparing  Gram stain, the medical assistant should : 
    Apply crystal violet, Gram's Iodine, the acetone
  22. Microbiological specimens are usually incubated for a specific length of time. How long?
    24-48 hours
  23. The gonads of the feamle embryo begin to evolve into sexual organs at about 10 days after conception
  24. When instructing the patient to collect a stool specimen, the medical assistant should tell the patient to :
    Collect about 3-4 table-spoons from the next bowel movement
  25. The first symptoms of this disease are proteinuria, hematuria, and a specific form of a urine cast.
    Chronic Glomerulonephritis
  26. When obtaining a throat culture, the medical assistant should :
    place in agar side down
  27. Contact with high-voltage power line is a example of a thermal burn.
  28. Total Cholesterol
    130-200 mg/dl (fasting)
  29. HDl cholesterol
    >45 mg/dl (fasting)
  30. LDL cholesterol
    <100 mg/dl (fasting)
  31. Triglycerides
    40-150 mg/dl (fasting)
  32. Creatinine
    0.7-1.4 mg/dl
  33. Uric acid
    3.5-7.5 mg/dl
  34. BUN (Blood urea nitrogen)
    8-20 mg/dl
  35. Sodium (Na)
    132-145 mEq/L
  36. Potassium (K)
    3.5-5.2 mEq/L
  37. CK ( creatine kinase)
    10-200 IU/L
  38. Prothrombin Time
    Normal 10-13 seconds
  39. Anticoagulant
    Drug given to reduce the tendency to develop thromboembolism
  40. RBC males
    4.6 - 6.0 million
  41. RBC females
    4.0- 5.5 million
  42. WBC Males and females
    3500 to 11000
  43. Granulocyte Males and females
    50 - 70%
  44. Lymphocyte/monocyte Males and females
    20 - 40 %
  45. Platelets Males and Females
    150,000 - 400,000
  46. Glucose tolerance test
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