CNA Chapter 1 Vocabulary

  1. Activities of Daily Living
    (ADLs) Personal daily care tasks, including bathing, skin, nail, and hair care, walking, eating, and drinking, mouth care, dressing, transferring, and toileting.
  2. Acute care
    24 hour skilled care for short term illnesses or injuries; generally given at hospitals or ambulatory surgical centers.
  3. Adative devices
    Special equipment that helps a person who is ill or disabled proform ADLs; also called assistive devices (note, book has entry for assistive devices that has exact same wording, no flash card for it)
  4. Adult Daycare
    Care given to adults at a facility during daytime work hours.
  5. Assisted living
    A residence for people who require some help with daily care, but who need less care than a long term care facility offers.
  6. Care team
    The group of people with different kinds of education and eperiance who provide resident care.
  7. Chain of command
    The order of authority within a facility.
  8. Charge nurse (nurse-in-charge)
    A nurse responsible for a team of healthcare workers.
  9. Chronic
    The term for an illness or condition that is long term or long lasting.
  10. Cite
    In a long term care facility, to find a problem through a survey.
  11. Continuity of care
    Coordination of care for a resident over time, during which the care team is always exchanging information about the resident and working toward shared goals.
  12. Delegation
    Transferring authority to a person for a specific task.
  13. Dementia
    The loss of mental abilities, such as thinking, remembering, reasoning, and communicating.
  14. Diagnosis
    The identification of a disease by its signs and symptoms and from the results of different tests.
  15. Functional nursing
    Method of care assigning specific tasks to each team member.
  16. Holistic
    Care that involves the whole person; this includes his or her physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  17. Home health care
    Care that takes place in a person's home (referred to as a client)
  18. Hospice care
    Care for people who have approximately six months or less to live; care is available until the person dies.
  19. inter-generational care
    mixing children and the elderly in the same care setting.
  20. Joint commision
    a not-for-profit orgnization that evaluates and accredits different types of healthcare facilities.
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