113: Non Resident Training Course (NRTC)

  1. What role does Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NEPTDTC) serve to NRTCs?
    maintains, grades and enters completed Non-resident training courses into sailors electronic service records (ESR)
  2. What is the primary purpose of NRTC?
    A self-study package designed to help a student acquire Navy professional or military knowledge in preparation for an advancement exam
  3. What impact does a NRTC have in the rating exam process?
    NRTCs are source documents for which the Advancement Examination Development Conferences (AEDC) obtains rating exam questions.
  4. Identify the location where NRTCs are maintained and available for fleet use.
    housed and maintained on the Non Resident Training Course website.
  5. NRTC is designated for revision or development, state the functionality of the following:
    A) Contracting Office Representative (COR)
    B) Statement of Work (SOW)
    C) Naval Logistics Library (NLL)
    D) Defense Automated Printing System (DAPS)
    • A) COR: liasison between the learning center and the contractor representative to ensure delivery of agreed product
    • B) SOW: vehicle which outlines the requirment for both the LC and the contractor developing the NRTC
    • C) NLL: central point at which all NRTCs are assigned Stock Numbers and tracked in the Navy Supply system.
    • D) DAPS: links with NETPDTC and NLL and provides the customer the document ordered.
  6. NRTCs are assigned points, for whom are these points calculated and how does it benefit these personnel?
    primarily for reservists, reservists receive points which are used towards retirement, as well as, evaluations.
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