112: Personal Qualification Standards

  1. What role does Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC) serve to the PQS program?
    maintains and ensures PQS availability to the fleet as directed by the NETC PQS manager
  2. Identify the location where PQSs are maintained and available for fleet use.
    NKO, in the NAVY PQS portal
  3. Explain the function of PQS?
    compilation of the minimum knowledge and skills that an individual must demonstrate in order to fqualify to stand whatches or perform other specific routine duties.
  4. Explain the process for an individual on a PQS, and the PQS is superseded by a revision, what happens to the indivduals qualification and what must that indvidual do wht the revised PQS.
    qualification remains. A new PQS is taken and all signatures of the superseded PQS are transferred or additional line items are added and kept with the superseded PQS.
  5. In formal training courses where PQS lines may by signed, describe the procedure to inform a receiving command which line items have been completed and signed.
    The lines items can be transferred, an interim qualification can be issued or total requalification of the PQS.
  6. Explain the difference between a PQS and JQR
    PQS is qualification requirements among multiple platforms, but JQRs are used for a single platform. JQR does not have a NEVEDTRA number.
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112: Personal Qualification Standards