English Vocab #5

  1. hypocrisy
    the practice of pretending to be someone one is not; insincerity
  2. slander
    false charges and malicious oral statements about someone
  3. spurious
    not genuine
  4. astute
    shrewd; clever
  5. clandestine
  6. coup
    a brilliantly executed plan
  7. disingenuous
    not straightforward; crafty
  8. ruse
    a crafty tick
  9. stratagem
    a clever trick used to deceive or outwit
  10. surreptitiously
    done by secretive means
  11. wary
    on guard
  12. wily
  13. ambiguous
    open to more than one interpretation
  14. ambivalent
    simultaneously having opposing feelings; uncertain
  15. apathetic
    feeling or showing little emotion
  16. arbitrary
    determined by impulse rather than reason
  17. capricious
    impulsive and unpredictable
  18. equivocate
    to avoid making a definite statement
  19. indifferent
    not caring one way or the other
  20. spontaneous
    unplanned; naturally occurring
  21. whimsical
    subject to erratic behavior, unpredictable
  22. consequential
  23. superficial
    concerned only with what is on the surface or obvious; shallow
  24. tenuous
    having little substance or strength; shaky; unsure; weak
  25. trivial
    of little importance or significance
  26. assiduous
  27. compelling
    forceful; urgently demanding attention
  28. diligent
    marked by painstaking effort; hard-working
  29. dogged
    stubbornly persevering
  30. endure
    to put up with; to survive a hardship
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