Principles of Training

  1. What are the principles of training?
    • Specificity
    • Progression
    • Overload
    • Reversibility
    • Tedium
  2. What is Specificity?
    Training should match the demands of the activity and develop relevant body systems
  3. What is Progression?
    Training workload should be increased gradually so that the body can adjust to the extra demands
  4. What is Overload?
    • F - Frequency
    • I - Intensity
    • T - Time
  5. What is Frequency?
    The amount of training sessions
  6. What is Intensity?
    The amount of activity carried out in a session
  7. What is Time?
    • The amount of time spent in a training session
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  8. What is reversibilty?
    • When the benefite of training are lost because traing has stopped. 
    • e.g. if you brake your arm and have it in a cast it was have hardly any muscle when the cast is removed
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  9. What is tedium?
    • How boring an activity is. Training should be varied to prevent boredom. 
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