1. Wedging
    removing air from clay circulates moisture. Similar to kneading
  2. Greenware
    unfired air-dry clay
  3. Intaglio
    engraving into a metal plate (copper) with steel needle tool. No acid.
  4. Aquatint
    copper plate etched with nitric acid. Gives watercolor like images.
  5. Photogravure
    photographic negative transferrd to metal plate then etched.
  6. Dry Point
    steel needle engraving on copper plate. no acid.
  7. Daguerrotype
    photographic process. fragile silver surface. First to give sharp detail
  8. Depth of Field
    Distance between nearest & furthest objects in photograph. Low depth of field = only focus on small area. high depth of field = everything in focus.
  9. Shutter Speed
    controls length of expose. higher the number = short the exposure time.
  10. Film Speed
    ISO. measures films sensitivity to light. lower number = higher sensitivity.
  11. Fat over Lean
    Each layer of paint should contain more oil than the one beneath it.
  12. Sfumato
    delicate gradation of light achieved though many layers of tranparent paint. Used by Leonard da Vinci.
  13. Chiaroscuro
    tonal contrasts suggesting volume or subjects depicted.
  14. Croquis 
    quick and sketchy drawing
  15. CMYK
    Cyan, magenta, yellow, black. subtractive.
  16. Armature
    skeletal framwork that supports material
  17. Mezzotint
    tonal engraving by roughing surface and then burnishing areas to create image.
  18. Lithograph
    Stone or metal plate. ink receptive water resistant in other areas. Artist hand in work.
  19. Woodcut
    gouging out wood areas that should not have ink on them.
  20. Screenprint
    mesh screen areas are covered to prevent ink from going through mesh.
  21. Contrapposto
    hips and legs are turned in different directions than shoulders and head. Donatello.
  22. Foreshortening
    representing a figure going forward or backward into space.
  23. Scumbling
    softens colors or outlines with opaque or semiopaque color. dragging or rubbing.
  24. Alla Prima
    all paint in applied in one sitting until finished. no layers.
  25. Impasto
    thick or lumpy application of paint. deep brushstrokes.
  26. Frottage
    Same as a rubbing.
  27. Tessera
    one small piece used in a mosaic
  28. Esquisse
    first sketch of a picture or model of a statue
  29. Image Upload 1
    What type of column is this?
    Ionic, scroll pattern, needs base
  30. Image Upload 2

    What type of column is this?
    Doric, most sturdy, no base needed
  31. Image Upload 3

    What type of column is this?
    Corinthian, similiar to ionic but with floral design
  32. Image Upload 4
    What type of statue?
    Kouroi. Shares similar poses to Egyptian statues.
  33. What style of painting uses floral motifs and geometric symetrical patterns?
  34. One warp thread is called _____.
    an end
  35. One weft thread is called ______.
    a pick
  36. Weft is pushed up against the fell of cloth by a reed.
    beating up or battening
  37. Brass' two main components.
    copper & zinc
  38. Metal that has been annealed to make it very soft and malleable.
    Dead soft
  39. Thickness or diameter of sheet metal or wire.
  40. Why is flux used in soldering?
    to help solder flow to intended areas.
  41. What is an alloy?
    a mixture of two or more metals
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