Music Listening test 1

  1. All men singing--sounds like vowel sounds
    • Leonin: "Vidurant Omnes"
    • (All Have Seen)
  2. Multiple voices and sound cluttered; name is sang in the song.
    • Josquin: "Ave Maria"
    • (Hail Mary)
  3. Sounds like female opera singer;
    sings the name at the beginning;
    Starts out low and sad sounding
    • Purcell: "Thy Hand, Belinda"
    • & "When I am Laid in Earth"
  4. Sounds like multiple choirs singing
    • Bach: "Watchet Auf" ("Sleepers Awake")
    • Canon no. 140
  5. Says the name at the beginning, has a male singer,
    Singer varies his octaves noticeably
    Handel: "Ev'ry Balley" Messiah
  6. The only organ Piece in the listening.
    Bach: "Little Fugue in G Minor"
  7. Piece has all string instruments,
    has Bird chirping sound in its collection.
    1,2-1,2,3,4,5,6 sound
    • Vivaldi: "Spring"
    • Le Quatro stagione (The Four Seasons)
  8. Instrumental only
    Has 1,2,3,-1,2,3,-1,2,3,4 sound
    Mozart: Symphony No. 40 in G minor
  9. Starts off very soft then there is a suprising Loud chord
    Haydn: "Surprise" Syphony no. 94 in G Major
  10. Orchestra starts then Piano soloist comes in later.
    Mozart: Piano Concerto no. 23 in A Major
  11. Sounds like birds would be singing.
    Violons play fast, and it sounds cartoonish
    Haydn: String Quartet op. 33 no. 3
  12. Sung by an italian singer
    Sounds like an opera singer
    • Mozart: Non Piu Andai" ("No More Will You)
    • Marriage of Figaro
  13. Sounds like Visa Commercial
    has the DUN DUN DUN DUNNNN
    Beethoven: Symphony no. 5 in C minor
  14. Sounds like night Knight Rider Intro
    Sung in german
    Shubert: "Erlkonig" (King of Elves")
  15. Only piano and starts off soft and quiet
    Chopin: Nocturne, op. 9, no. 2
  16. Cello plays scales, and violins produce a "Witches laughing in the beginning. Music sounds like wizard of oz witch music. There is a bell tolling
    Berlioz: "Dream of a Wiches Sabbath"
  17. Starts with flutes playing softly, Sounds like a stream that grows into a big river. Has a thud that resembles dropped water.
    Smetana: "The Moldau"
  18. Starts off Slow and quiet like a funeral march; then the violins sound more suspenseful
    Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet Overture
  19. Is the Only peice that starts with a violin Soloist
    Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto In E Minor, op. 64
  20. Starts with flutes then big Choral piece sung in german.
    Sung by Choir.
    • Brahms: (A German Requiem)
    • "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place"
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