English Mythology Names/Places

  1. Acrisius
    Grandfather of Perseus, father of Danae. Put mother and son in box in the sea. Died from discus throw by Perseus.
  2. Aeetes
    King of the land with the Golden Fleece - gave Jason difficult tasks to win Fleece
  3. Aegeus
    King of Athens, father of Theseus - jumped to his death thinking Theseus had died
  4. Aeson
    Rightful king of Iolcus, father of Jason - brother Pelias stole throne
  5. Agamemnon
    King that got in a fight with Achilles, causing him to stop fighting for a while
  6. Alcmena
    Mortal mother of Heracles and Iphicles
  7. Amazon Queen
    Queen that Hercules got a war belt from
  8. Andromeda
    Princess saved by Perseus from sea monster - married him
  9. Antigone
    Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta - cared for Oedipus after he blinded himself
  10. Argo
    Ship Jason built - killed him with a fallen beam
  11. Argonauts
    Heroes on the Argo with Jason
  12. Argos
    Site of Polyneices's army; birthplace of Perseus
  13. Ariadne
    Half-sister of Minotaur - fell in love with Theseus - helped him escape Labyrinth
  14. Athena
    Gave Perseus help (shield and sword)
  15. Athens
    Home of Theseus's father - after Aegeus died, Theseus became king of Athens
  16. Atlas
    Helped Heracles get sacred golden apples
  17. Cerberus
    Three-headed guard dog of underworld - Heracles captured it
  18. Cheiron
    Centaur who taught Achilles and hid Jason
  19. Clashing Rocks
    Ship-crushing rocks that Jason sailed through
  20. Corinth
    Oedipus's adopted home
  21. Crete
    Location of Minotaur which Theseus defeated
  22. Danae
    Mother of Perseus - pursued by Polydectes
  23. Dictys
    Fisherman offered shelter to Perseus and Danae
  24. Dragon
    Guardian of Fleece - Jason had to get past
  25. Eurystheus
    Heracles's cousin - gave him 12 Labors
  26. Fire-breathing Bull
    Heracles captured it; Jason planted dragon-teeth seeds with them
  27. Golden Apples
    Hercules got with help of Atlas
  28. Golden Fleece
    Jason got in order to claim throne
  29. Gray Women/Graeae
    Three women - shared an eye - Perseus stole eye, made them give directions for him
  30. Hades
    Ruler of underworld - let Heracles take Cerberus; gave Perseus invisibility helmet
  31. Hector
    Trojan prince - killed Patroclus - killed by Achilles
  32. Hera
    Nursed Heracles - tried to kill him - let him marry her daughter; Jason helped disguised Hera cross a stream
  33. Hermes
    Gave Perseus winged sandals
  34. Hydra
    Multi-headed monster - heads grew back when cut off - defeated by Heracles
  35. Iolcus
    Place Jason ruled
  36. Iphicles
    Half-brother of Heracles
  37. Jocaste/Iocaste
    Mother and wife of Oedipus
  38. Laybrinth
    Maze where Minotaur was kept - Theseus navigated with Ariadne's help
  39. Laius
    Father of Oedipus - unknowingly killed by Oedipus
  40. Mares of Diomedes
    Man-eating - captured by Heracles
  41. Medea
    Sorceress in love with Jason; nearly poisoned Theseus
  42. Medusa
    Gorgon - snake hair, look turns people to stone - defeated by Perseus
  43. Minos
    King of Crete, where theseus defeated Minotaur
  44. Minotaur
    Half-man, half bull in Laybrinth - defeated by Theseus
  45. Nemean Lion
    Could not be hurt by weapons - killed by Heracles
  46. Odysseus
    Tricked Achilles into fighting in Trojan War - designed Trojan Horse plan
  47. Olympus
    Heracles taken to after death - became god who watched gates
  48. Oracle
    Told prophecy of Oedipus; told prophecy of Perseus
  49. Paris
    Brother of Hector - killed Achilles
  50. Patroclus
    Friend of Achilles - killed by Hector
  51. Pelias
    Uncle of Jason - stole throne of Iolcus
  52. Polybus
    Adopted father of Oedipus - king of Corinth
  53. Polydectes
    Evil king of Seriphos - pursued Danae - Perseus turned him to stone
  54. Seriphos
    Island where Perseus lived with Danae
  55. Sinis and Procrustes
    Evil robbers - defeated by Theseus
  56. Sphinx
    Defeated by Oedipus when he answered riddle correctly - jumped to death
  57. Stables
    Cleaned by Heracles
  58. Styx
    Achilles dipped in - all parts except heel invulnerable
  59. Thebes
    Where Heracles was raised; birthplace of Oedipus
  60. Thetis
    Nymph - mother of Achilles - disguised him as a woman
  61. Troy
    Fought with Greece inTrojan War - Achilles fought for Greece
  62. Warriors
    Sprouted by dragon-teeth seeds - fought by Jason
  63. Zeus
    Father of Heracles
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