Respiratory System

  1. Allergic Rhinitis
    Reaction due to airbone allergens causing ,sneezing, runny nose, and clear sputum
  2. Asthma
    Branchospasm, an allergic disorder causing wheezing, dyspnea, weakness, grayish sputum
  3. Atelectasis
    dyspnea due to collapse of the alveoli
  4. Epixtasis
  5. Bronchitis
    An infectous disease , acute , or chronically developed, causes wheezing, dyspnea, and a productive cough
  6. COPD
    A progressive, complex disease with marked dyspnea, productive cough, frequent respiratory infection, barrel chest, and respiratory failure
  7. Histoplasmosis
    Coldlike symptoms initially, progressing to involve the liver, spleen, lymph glands
  8. Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    Affects infants, distress, shallow breathing
  9. Influenza
    Muscle Aches
  10. Laryngectomy
    Removal of the Larynxs
  11. Legionnares Disease
    Grayish sputum, Diarrheas, lack of appetite,headache,chills, fever
  12. Paroxymal Nocturnal Dyspnea
    Awaken sleep with feeling of suffocation
  13. Pleural Effusion
    Hipoxia due to the pressense of excess liquid in the pleural spaceĀ 
  14. Pleurisy
    Sharp Stabing pain, some dyspnea,one-sided
  15. Pneumonosis
    enviormental disease causing dyspnea, lack of oxigen; Bronchial congestion
  16. Pneumonia
    Acute infection causing coughing,sputum,chills,fever,pleural chest pain, impares exchange of oxigen and carbon dioxide
  17. Pneumothrax
    Sudden sharp pain, unequal wall expansion
  18. Pulmonary Edema
    Fluid collection within long tissue assosiated with heart disease
  19. Pulmonary Embolism
    Dyspnea, chest pain,rapid heart rate,productive cough, low-grade fever caused by blood vessel obstruction
  20. SIDS
    Prolonged apnea, in infants irregular H.R. , severe lack of oxigen
  21. Tuberculosis
    nodular lesions and patchy infiltration of lung tissue causing fatingue, weakness,lack of appetite, weight loss
  22. URI
    (upper respiratory Infection)
    Sore throat, nasal congestion, headache, burning watery eyes, fever, and a non- productive cough
  23. Emphysema
    Inability to exchange O2 and Co2, causing chronic cough,pursed lips breathing, cyanosis, and weight loss
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