Urbanism I

  1. Andres Duany
    • Urban Planner
    • married another elizabeth plater-zyberk (DPZ) 
    • codesigned Seaside, Florida
  2. Automobile Suburbs
    • began around 1920's when suburbs were developed outside of city center
    • very homogeneous residential homes 
    • very dependent on automobile use 
    • in the past, lots were more compact because people were fine with smaller lots 
    • Ex: Phoenix suburbs or Marlemount Ohio
  3. Beyond the Neighborhood Unit 
    written by Tridib Banerjee and William C. Baer
  4. Clarence Perry 
    • Published the Regional Plan Association of New York in 1829 
    • designed to have a certain amount of units where everything was walking and functioned as one unit 
  5. Cluster Zoning 
    • When you have a unique topography, you build clusters of houses on the most buildable land and leave the rest alone
    • Problems with this:
    • usually has to rely on one main road which leads to congestion 
    • doesn't fit into regional planning because it's so specific 
  6. colonial towns and fronteir settlements 
    • high degree of order and formality 
    • grid planning
    • surrounded by agricultural land 
    • central square in middle 
    • ecample: Savannah, Georgia 
  7. Coral Gables, Florida 
    • designed by Geore Merrick 
    • one of the earliest suburbs outside of Miami 
    • connected to Miami by streetcars 
  8. Criticisms of Planned communities
    • sense of community is artificial but it has been disproven
    • escapist
  9. Density
    How many buildings/ people can be fit into a certain area while still providing a liveable lifestyle
  10. Ebenezer Howard
    • 1898
    • wrote garden cities of tomorrow 
    • introduced his idea of the ideal city where each section of the city was divided into rings surrounding the center
    • one of the first ideas of regionalism with cities being decentralized
  11. Electric Streetcars
    • allowed cities to double in size 
    • originated to central business districts and went out to suburbs 
    • people could go to work and travel around the city much easier
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