Sub-Saharan Africa Test Study Guide

  1. How did the Hutu militia know about the UN trucks leaving the hotel with Tatiana?
    Gregorie told the militia
  2. Why did Paul need the Mille Collins to be considered a working hotel?
    So that they wouldn't be attacked by the militia
  3. How was Paul's family rescued from death at Hotel Diplomat?
    He bribed them
  4. Why was the UN in Rwanda?
    To keep peace
  5. What dilemma is Paul in?
    Paul is a Hutu and his wife and family are Tutsi so he is trying to protect everybody.
  6. How did history impact population density in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    European countries colonized Africa and built railroads, mines, and trade centers.
  7. Where are the most fertile areas in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    Rift Valley Region
  8. How are population density and urbanization related?
    The more urbanized a place is, the higher the population is going to be.
  9. How are population density and physical features related?
    People move based on physical features.
  10. Which physical feature will have the hugest population density?
    Areas near water
  11. What is the relationship between the Zulu and the Bantu?
    Zulus are descendants of the Bantu
  12. Who are the Zulu?
    Largest and most influential tribe in South Africa today
  13. What impacts did the Bantu have on society?
    First language, farmers, and influential culture.
  14. What are the theories as to why the Bantu migrated?
    • •population too large
    • •disagreements between people
    • •climate change
    • •find a better place
  15. Why are the Bantu studied? What's so special?
    Largest migration mass in Africa from west to south and also to the east
  16. How can desertification in the Sahel be prevented?
    Plants and cash crops can be planted
  17. What is the definition of desertification?
    Loss of plants and vegetation - all turns to desert
  18. What was happening in the Niger River Delta?
    All weapons are being disposed to bring peace
  19. According to the article, what had recently happened with Darfur and Sudan?
    A truce was signed to end the 7 year conflict
  20. What is genocide?
    Mass murder of ethnic groups
  21. What type of problem did Rwanda have?
    Ethnic conflict
  22. Why did South Africa create homelands?
    To control black Africans and force them to the cities
  23. How did the government promote economic growth in Kenya?
    They encouraged farmers to raise cash crops like coffee and tea
  24. What do Angola and Mozambique have in common historically?
    Porteguse colonies
  25. Since Zambia gained independance its economy has struggled. Why?
    They relied on copper and suffered when the prices dropped
  26. Why did South Africa change its apartheid policy in 1990-1991?
    The U.S. placed sanctions against them because of the apartheid
  27. Between who is Sudan's civil war?
    Image Upload 1
  28. What happened to Eritiera because of its war with Ethiopia?
    It lost it's access to the sea
  29. What is important about the natural resources in Central African countries have?
    They have renewable and nonrenewable; they are trying to prevent from using it all.
  30. Why are West Africa's coastal countries' economies failing?
    They are importing more (spending more $ on imports) than they are recieving on exports
  31. What economic commonality do the Central African countries have?
    They have the same currency
  32. What happended in Nigeria because of the fall in oil prices on the world market?
    The military overthrew the government
  33. What 2 advantages do the coastal countries of West Africa have that the Sahel countries do not?
    Access to the sea and a damper climate
  34. Why was the Sahel so important to the Ghana Empire?
    They were a huge link in trade
  35. What effect does overgrazing have on Kenya's land?
  36. What is a social commonality between Mozambique and South Africa?
    AIDS are killing off the population
  37. What are the two main economic activities in Africa?
    Nomadic herding and subsistance farming
  38. What is the ecosystem of Madagascar?
    Tropical rainforestImage Upload 2
  39. Where in Africa is the tropical rainforest mostly located?
    Western and Central Africa
  40. In some parts of Africa, why is the population rate not increasing even though the birth rate is high?
    Death rates are higher than the birth rates because of diseases like AIDS
  41. What is the dominant economic activity in Nigeria?
    Subsistance farming
  42. What is so interesting about the languages of Sub-Saharan Africa? Image Upload 3
    Over 800 different languages are spoken 
  43. Compare the population density of Mozambique and South Africa.
    South Africa has a higher population density and higher population than Mozambique
  44. Why is it difficult to travel on rives from the center of Africa to the coast?
    It is because of waterfalls and cataracts (large valleys and trenches with rives at the bottom)
  45. Overall, Sub-Saharan Africa is just a large? (landform)
    Platue surrounded by coastal plains
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